Soooo after only six months of fighting about where to go on our honeymoon we have FINALLY come to an agreement...In fact our plane tickets are being booked this week. Can you guess where by the pretty little castle above?!? Yup Disneyworld. When Ryan suggested it I was like YES! Why hadn't I thought of that? We are not beach layers. Ryan has ADD we have to keep busy so the park is perfect for us. So much to do and we can do it at our own pace. Plus I have vacationed at Disney a couple times in the nice resorts and it is awesome service! Your room is clean-really clean. The food is good and it's easy to get around without renting a car. I am pumped! Finally a light at the end of the this wedding planning tunnel. All this honeymoon planning has me itching to buy summer clothes and bikinis and fun things but sadly my money has other purposes right now. So I will share my favorite "window" shopping site. It's a wedding/ honeymoon collection from H&M one of my very favorite stores!

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