I am all grown up
and have my own 

come check it out-
I think it will look familiar...


Mid-Century Modern Mikasa Bluebird China

                             Mid-Century Modern Mikasa Bluebird China

this china is a vintage girls dream...
Someone needs to buy it because otherwise
I am going to start slipping it into my own cabinet-
and that will be the end of that.

There are no other sets
of Mikasa Bluebird China
 with this many plates
8 dinner plates
8 salad plates
8 saucers
That is a complete dinner party!
A complete dinner party with beautiful
vintage porcelain dishes,
that your guests will be all,
where did you get these?!?

And did I mention that I knocked $25 off the price and have included free shipping?!?

Hurry over to 906EChic on Etsy
and buy it
before I buy it from myself...


Mid-Century Modern Mikasa Bluebird China

 Mid-Century Modern Mikasa Bluebird China

 Mid-Century Modern Mikasa Bluebird China

Mid-Century Modern Mikasa Bluebird China


how to: throw a fiesta inspired mothers day brunch...

usually i throw a mothers day brunch.
this year we are mixing it up a little bit 
and going to other people's homes instead.
so i get the day off!!!
but that doesn't mean
i can't share with
all of you
what i would do
if i was throwing a brunch for mom.

Fiesta Inspired Mothers Day Brunch 101

tip #1
find an unusual location. you don't have to stay at home.  find a public park or garden.  there is no law against making your picnic a 5 star dining experience.  see this post OH HAPPY DAY! on how to throw up a pop up dinner party in a pretty public spot.

tip #2
use pretty linens on your table!  be creative i use old curtains, sheets, anything i can get my hands on around the house to make it look like something special.  leave those plastic table clothes for kids parties. i love to find old curtains at Restore and Goodwill.  a good cleaning with some oxy clean and lavender linen spray make a world of different.  you have no idea the power of oxy clean and its ability of bringing old fabric back to life.  i especially love lace curtains because you can layer them over a colored piece of fabric underneath- so chic!

tip #3
use succulents to jazz up your place settings.  i am in love with succulents. i first encountered them on my cousin Jaci's beautiful deck- then  we met again in the clearance section of Lowes this winter and we have been together ever since.  you should hook up with them too.  
you will be glad you did.

tip #4
make some kind of taco

tip #5
make a cake and a tissue tassel garland amigo! or just a tissue paper garland...

tip #6
make sure to have a yummy fruity cocktail to celebrate the day.

tip #7
dress up some lindt truffles with a little crepe paper and ribbon as to-go favors.

now you are all set to impress
mom with your mad
entertaining skills.
and you don't have to break a sweat planning it all.
i did it for you : )


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