A Summer Bucket List...

Bucket List

Am loving this trend!!!

This project cost me zero dollars
and really got me excited for the summer days ahead

All you have to do is to make your own is:

-Make a list of fun summer things you would like to do.

-Display them somewhere in your house for a festive summer vibe
and inspiration to enjoy the little moments of summer.

I made little cards with the activities listed on back.  The small cards are simple, everyday things.

The larger cards are more special things.

 Summer Bucket List


get ice cream from the Sidney Dairy Bar

blow bubbles

host a family game day

visit a museum

feed the ducks at Crystal Lake Park

buy a baby pool

go to a drive-in movie

go hiking

have a picnic in the park

go to a country fair

see a rodeo

host a dinner party

add an item to our Us Box

go camping

Bring on it on Summer, bring it on...

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In my kitchen {Brussel Sprouts}...

Brussell Sprouts that even the Husband will love

Looking for a yummy summer side dish?
Look no further

Preheat your oven to 400 
Cut your sprouts in half

Place parchment paper on baking tray 
Spread your brussell sprouts out on the tray and drizzle with some Olive Oil

Sprinkle with Salt & Pepper
*always use kosher salt when roasting veggies-makes a huge difference and also makes you feel like Ina Garten

Take a couple slices of bacon and cut into small pieces
Place bacon pieces over sprouts

Roast for 30 minutes
Give 'em one last good sprinkle of salt and hit them with a little more Olive Oil

These are tasty with anything and they are good for you- so eat your vegetables!!!


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