see my pretty thrifty finds?

Me and Ryan spent Saturday afternoon going to our new local Goodwill. I love to see all these second hand stores moving to bigger and better places! It means that thifters are alive and well and bringing it mainstream. I have a goal for my wedding. I saw one time while I was browsing through Etsy a girl was selling her entire wedding! For $2,000! She said it was a unique collection of vintage things she collected specifically for her wedding. She had pictures of how she used everything and I am thinking about doing the same after our wedding! Happy thifting!


halloween wedding inspiration

I promised this inspiration for someone so here it is! Halloween in all of it's stylishness. I think you can do a purple, orange, and black wedding without being tacky. You don't have to go dollar store to be cheap. There are so many homespun things you can do to make a wedding special in the fall. Bobbing for apple and toasting s'mores. Serve a hearty soup that you can make big batches in advance. Let the traditions of the seasons dictate your decisions. October weddings are only eight months away so get planning!!!

beach wedding centerpieces

Even with a sinus infection and snow on the ground I am dreaming of beach! So grab a margarita cause it's happy hour here at EastChic! Sit back and enjoy the sun you can almost feel when you look at this inspiration board!

j. crew flower girls

These sweet little flower girl dresses will have you dreaming of spring and a gaggle of flower girls to parade before you down the aisle. Check them out here!

vera wang 2010 collection

Above from left to right

1:Dita by Vera Wang 2:Dorothy by Vera Wang 3: Delaney by Vera Wang 4: Dawn by Vera Wang


olympic mittens

I want a pair of these!!! Even though I have no desire to watch the Olympics I still must have a pair of these too cute mittens! I guess I could get into sports if I got something cute to wear out of it. And for only $10.00 bucks a pop - that's any recession woman's dream!


for every bride who wonders..

For every bride who wonders if it's normal to not be having as much fun planning your wedding as you thought you would read this. Even though I love Ryan so much and can't wait to marry him and start a family with him, planning this wedding with him has not been easy and sometimes not very fun. At first this made me feel like something was wrong with us or our relationship because so many girls make it seem effortless. Not me. Not me at all. But this made me feel oh so much better. Planning a wedding is hard work! So for one night I challenge you to turn off your glue gun, put the seating chart down, and quit worrying if the D.J. knows your song or not. Just have a night in with your favorite guy and savor the fact that in a couple of months there is going to be a Mrs. in front of your name.


Watch soon for a replica of this this pinata! So so so CUTE! And I am thinking that is will be fairly simple. First I need to find some old sheet music. Which I have actually been meaning to get anyways for other various crafts I have been meaning to get around to. Old sheet music is great to decoupage and I also found some stuff at Michael's today that ages paper. Anyway I am getting off subject. One: Get some sheet music. Two: Find some sort of lantern or balloon that's big enough for the look I am going for. And Three: figure out how and where I will use them lol...I said I loved them- I didn't say I knew where they were going to go! Oh blogland you have to much inspiration!

Image from http://ruffledblog.com/

The not so chic hoodie footie

Here is something I am sure every groom wants as far away from his honeymoon as possible!!! I got a good laugh at this today when a friend told me to look it up on google. I thought I would share the hoodie footie with you. Hope you all have a happy Friday tomorrow!



Soooo after only six months of fighting about where to go on our honeymoon we have FINALLY come to an agreement...In fact our plane tickets are being booked this week. Can you guess where by the pretty little castle above?!? Yup Disneyworld. When Ryan suggested it I was like YES! Why hadn't I thought of that? We are not beach layers. Ryan has ADD we have to keep busy so the park is perfect for us. So much to do and we can do it at our own pace. Plus I have vacationed at Disney a couple times in the nice resorts and it is awesome service! Your room is clean-really clean. The food is good and it's easy to get around without renting a car. I am pumped! Finally a light at the end of the this wedding planning tunnel. All this honeymoon planning has me itching to buy summer clothes and bikinis and fun things but sadly my money has other purposes right now. So I will share my favorite "window" shopping site. It's a wedding/ honeymoon collection from H&M one of my very favorite stores!


wedding cakes

A sweet treat for the eyes! I am a big believer that the cake should taste as good as it looks- otherwise it just doesn't seem authentic. I am going to attempt to make my wedding cake. Risky I know but I have done some homework. I found a cake that is simple. It's a Martha Stewart inspired creation AND someone else made it for their wedding-so it has been done! That's what I love about the blog world. I feel more confident that I can do it because she did. Blogging is such a great way to exchange information. Since I have found blogs I haven't needed to spend money on costly wedding magazines. I can put that money to use in the actual wedding instead of paying for inspiration!

So here you go - some free inspiration!

wedding day perfume

I love this wedding day idea!!! I read about it here. She suggested that when you get engaged to go shopping for a new perfume...something that you absolutely love...and then hide it from yourself until your wedding day. Isn't that such a sweet idea? That way when ever you or your husband smell that scent you are reminded of your special day! I am definitely going to do this!

Any recommendations for a romantic scent?


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