How I decorated for Christmas : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas...

This is how our home is looking this holiday season.
I was going for a Scandinavian kind of vibe.
I used a lot of red, blue, and white...
sounds kind of 4th of July but I don't think it comes across that way 
but you can decide for yourself...

I thought it would be fun to show your our house 
for all of you to share with me {in the comment section Or
on facebook} pictures of your own home this Christmas...

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Twine and vintage button Christmas tree : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas

Twine and Vintage Button Christmas Tree

You will need:

cone form
tiny terra cotta pot
vintage buttons
hot glue gun

Wrap the twine around the cone starting at the top and working your way down, always securing with glue every so often.

Glue pot upside down to the bottom of the cone and glue buttons.

Embellish with moss and a pretty glass dome.

I had all of this down in my basement.  Ok besides the glass dome which is a Christmas present for some lucky lady.  I am just borrowing it for this photo.  It is now safely tucked away waiting for Christmas- not displayed in my house cause that would be wrong but that doesn't mean it makes me sad that it has to be out of sight and I don't get to keep it.


Mason jar snow globes : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas

Don't these bring out those it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas feelings in you?  I was in love from hello with these when I saw them at Anthro.  I was all prepared to do Martha Stewarts tutorial  but then my friend Bethany over at Rinse. Repeat. posted a way easier version.  

So I was all about that since I don't know where the heck to get glycerin and the people at Hobby Lobby didn't even know where fake snow was.  So I kind of have feeling they would have a hard time telling me where to find glycerin.

This is a seriously easy craft and you will be whipping these puppies out like bam, bam, BAM! I think I made like 15 in 20 minutes and they are so sweet looking.  I had tons of mason jars but now I am gonna have to restock my hoard once this holiday season is over.  It has taken quite a hit in the past week.  Ryan would be happy if he went down there and saw all my empty shelfs.


Terrarium Ornament How To : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas

I love terrariums.  I was really inspired to make some of my own after visiting Terrian.  You remember me talking about that place right?  The nursery owned by the same people who created Anthropologie???  I was particularly inspired by these terrariums that they had on display...

I started a new tradition last year making my own ornaments for the tree each year.  Soon Charlie will be able to help me make them and hopefully the other 3 will be along soon to help out too : )  I plan on packing them away each year and then when the kids move out on their own they will get a stash to start their own holiday decorating.  I hope that making them together and having a different set for every year will make them full of Christmasy memories.

This year I went for a woodland theme.  Ryan was like ummm ok...that doesn't sound Christmasy at all.  That was until we were at IKEA and he saw my mushrooms I had been making all week long like a sweat shop.  They were in a display on presents.  He was all I shouldn't doubt your genius.- ok so maybe he didn't say those exact words but I could tell that was what he was thinking!

All you need to make your own terrarium ornaments are:

clear glass bulbs

Place the moss inside the bulb.
Easy as pie.


How to make a pear from a light bulb : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas

I love pears.  I think you got that from this post.  So I was super excited to make this little craft project to fill up a pretty jar for a Christmas present.  I first spotted it on Pinterest- but you probably knew that already.  Sometimes I wonder how I ever made it without Pinterest.  But there was no tutorial on how to whip these babies up so I made one.

Twine Pear How-To

You will need:

light bulbs
hot glue gun
a stick from outside

First take the scissors and cut a small piece of the stick to make the stem of the pear {I do not use my good scissors for this part of the project}...

Should look something like this...

Take the stem and hot glue it to the light bulb- I think which end of the light bulb is pretty self explanatory...

Now you are going to hot glue the start of the twine to the base of the stem...

 Begin to wrap the twine around and around and around, gluing every so often to secure the twine to the light bulb.  When you get the the bigger part of the bulb more glue is necessary to keep twine in place...

Viola!  A pear!

So cute I could make a million of them!


What you can do with old books : DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas

These are a little time consuming to make {and messy!} but if you have a Sunday when all the hubs wants to do if football it up on the tv- this project could save your life {or sanity}.

I first saw them online at Anthropologie looking all cute but completely over priced.  I'm sorry but it cost me less then $3.00 to make this and they are charging $48.00!!!  For this:

Can you see the cardboard dividers on the Anthro tree??? I can and those don't look like $50 trees to me- those look like a crafter's dream. These trees are easy enough to make if you have the time and the creative want to.  I used vintage buttons to top my tree and read this tutorial over at The Wonder Forest before going off on my own.  You will get better with every tree so just keep with it and a good paper slicer helps!

Another great way to use those scraps you will have piling up from the trees?  Use it as a fancy smacy way to cushion your breakables when you gift wrap...

Or as gift tags-...

I have made five trees, have two packages full of shreds of paper, and one tag- all of which came from the same old book I got from Restore for $1.00 and I still have more paper from it to use up.  I have two more old books- imagine what I can do with those...

*and yes blame it on pregnancy brain or what ever you want to but I have been spelling Anthropologie wrong this whooooole time...I would like to believe that it is the pregnancy but I know in my heart it is just my bad spelling.  Ryan usually spell checks for me but there was no way for him to catch this one.  So just laugh it up at my expense and know what a pain it was to go back and fix it : )


A snazzy felt pom-pom for packages : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas







These are best made while watching A Christmas Story or Elf with hot cocoa and sugar cookies.  What can you use them for:

Christmas presents
Embellishments for pillows or blankets

These are just some ideas.  Let me know what you use them for!


Cute dishtowels : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas Day Four...

Anthropologie $18.00

                                                                        Source: anthropologie.com via Ashley on Pinterest

                                                                                 Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Anthropologie $18.00

                                                                            Source: anthropologie.com via Ashley on Pinterest

                                                                                  Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Anthropologie $42.00
{set of three}

                                                                             Source: anthropologie.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Crave Cute $15.00

                                                                                      Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest

* While some of these options are not that much cheaper then Anthropologie  you would be supporting the hand crafted movement and creativity of the Etsy community!!!


How to make a felt mushroom ornament : Day 3 DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas......

You will need:

{two different colors of felt: one cut into circle and the other cut into a strip, thread and needle, embroidery floss, stuffing, smaller circle of cardboard, scissors, and glue gun}

Lets begin now...

Step One {take strip of felt and roll tightly, sew basic stitch up the side to secure}

Step Two {take embroidery floss and stitch around the edge of felt circle}

Step Three {place stuffing into center of circle and pull slightly to tighten, take cardboard piece and put over stuffing and pull the embroidery floss tight and knot, cut excess floss}

Step Four {put a dab of hot glue in the center of top of mushroom and glue together}

Step Five {take extra embroidery floss and needle through center of mushroom, pull through, remove needle, and tie knot}

Step Six {hang from tree while watching a Christmas movie or listening to Christmasy music and drinking hot cocoa}


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