Terrarium Ornament How To : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas

I love terrariums.  I was really inspired to make some of my own after visiting Terrian.  You remember me talking about that place right?  The nursery owned by the same people who created Anthropologie???  I was particularly inspired by these terrariums that they had on display...

I started a new tradition last year making my own ornaments for the tree each year.  Soon Charlie will be able to help me make them and hopefully the other 3 will be along soon to help out too : )  I plan on packing them away each year and then when the kids move out on their own they will get a stash to start their own holiday decorating.  I hope that making them together and having a different set for every year will make them full of Christmasy memories.

This year I went for a woodland theme.  Ryan was like ummm ok...that doesn't sound Christmasy at all.  That was until we were at IKEA and he saw my mushrooms I had been making all week long like a sweat shop.  They were in a display on presents.  He was all I shouldn't doubt your genius.- ok so maybe he didn't say those exact words but I could tell that was what he was thinking!

All you need to make your own terrarium ornaments are:

clear glass bulbs

Place the moss inside the bulb.
Easy as pie.

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