So I think that I have maybe mentioned before that I freakin' love Anthropology right? Well last month at a blogger meet up in the Philadelphia area {more to come on that later} I had the chance to go to a nursery run by the same company that owns Anthropology. Terrian did not fail expectations.  I loved it all so much that it made me want to scratch my own eyes out from all the cuteness that I could not afford but also somehow could not live without.  Does that makes any sense?  If you had seen laundry detergent that cute you would understand....here are some pictures to prove it...

I could have bought every thing in the store but settled on some red and white twine {have actually wanted this forever and had a hard time finding it} and some scented tea lights.  That alone cost me $32! That is gross but I guess that is the price you pay to leave with your eye sight.


  1. Haha! The prices there are gross. That's the absolute best way to describe it. I think I bought a calendar, a candle, a couple of cards...and I was well over $60.

    But I don't regret it. And I miss it. It's a fabulous place to pick up inspiration for stuff you can make for 1/16th the cost.

    Can you imagine what that place looks like at Christmas? I think my brain just exploded.

  2. I know I just took a peak at the Christmas stuff and I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard. I can already tell what my Sunday afternoon is gonna be spent looking at it all!

    I am gonna do a new series starting after Thanksgiving on crafting your own Anthropology. I am working on the projects right now. I had to after I got Anthro's holiday catalog two weeks ago! There were so many things you could make yourself or thrift for.


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