I have gained 20+ pounds {and my knees feel it}...

This is pretty much what I have been doing with my down time lately.  I am starting to feel large and in charge {of the remote that is}.  It is all I can do to make it through the work day to come home and veg out in all of my sweat panted glory.

October was such a busy month and I just haven't seemed to recover yet.  Or that is what I keep telling myself? - like it is going to get better and miraculously I am going to wake up soon and have the energy I had 7 months ago.  As much as I like to believe that to be true I have a feeling that it is not the case and these tired days are here to stay for a while.

So to create a little something to look forward to I am gonna start pinning some crafts I can do from the comfort of my throne.  With a glue gun in hand maybe time will pass a little faster and make the days run together less.   Looks like this place is about to get a little bit more crafty cause a girl has to do more with her life other then eat Oreos {by package, by the day...cause that is not healthy for anyone}.

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