I read about this site in Instyle Weddings. I don't take astrology seriously but I think it's fun to see what they say. When I lived in Germany the first thing a guy would ask you is "what's your sign" lol cheesy I know but they were really into it over there! So my boss- who was also American- bought some books on it so we could see what all the fuss was about. It can actually be very interesting if you don't invest too much time over thinking it.

Twins Tali and Ophira, authors of The Astro Twin's Love Zodiac, have all kinds of things for a bride to be. Everything from your how you and your groom's signs match up, which days are best for you to get married, and your love horoscope. Just fun things to pass some time at work right?

So hope you enjoy! I know I am going to check it out!

Image from www.astrostyle.com



Happy Monday everyone! Remember to check out this blog again for their weekly giveaway and to check out the newest feature artist! And also I am sharing with all of you this lovely etsy shop! cocoirene has the cutest store full of vintage accessories. If my bridesmaid dresses didn't come with flower applique already I can would be buying these goodies up!. Made with real vintage materials what is not to love? Please check out cocoirene on Etsy!

Lara Cuff Bracelet

Ruffled Belt in Sara

Hepburn Bib Necklace

Images from http://www.etsy.com/shop/cocoirene


pictures of Allerton House

One last photo spread of the Allerton House. Such a romantic venue for a wedding I can't get enough of it. The light coming into the main gallery is so beautiful. It doesn't seem to matter what time of day - it's always beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures this week. Lot's of eye candy so far and more to come. I still have a DIY tutorial to finish for the garland. I am really happy with how the tea stained cupcake liners turned out. Hope you all enjoy the end result as much as I do!


a little weekend of weddings

We had two weddings to hit this weekend The first was a nice intimate affair at the Senator's Inn and Pub. Such a nice cozy place- perfect for two joining families just getting to know each other. Frank Sinatra played softly in the background and sipping champagne it was the perfect way to catch up with Ryan's mom and stepdad and his family from out of town. {including but not limited to his grandpa and grandma from Oklahoma, his Aunt Kelly and her daughter Cori, and son Nolan- so cute! and his sisters Dani and Allie-we had a good crowd!}

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to meet my grandma, Ryan's Oma, and his Stepmom Di. We all hit the road to Bloomington Illinois. Our destination? Von Maur. I had never been but I really enjoyed it. It's just a department store but it has such a great selection of very nice quality stuff. We had a blast picking out dresses and were very successful- everyone one found something, Di and Ryan's Oma found their dresses, my grandma found a beautiful top, and I found my shoes!

My grandma bought my shoes as a wedding present and I was so happy she did. It was definietly meant more then something I registered for. They are so pretty and I love that the flowers on the shoes will mimic the flowers on my dress.

We also had a wedding Saturday night. I don't have any pictures because we were having way to much fun seeing all of our friends we don't see very often! It was in Ryan's hometown which is where we are getting married so it was also exciting seeing where our wedding is going to take place. Got both of us are getting really excited for September!


check this out...

Everyone should check out this blog! Such a great idea to spread the handmade and DIY love. Every week features a new giveaway and new artist. All you need to do is check it out, leave a comment, or link back to the post. Easy as pie! And I think you will love her picks for feature artists! She has great taste!

Image is from www.livingtheswelllife.blogspot.com

winter wedding wrap up

From the bride:

The wedding planning went smoothly. I attended Bridal Shows to get ideas about what vendors were in the area. That's how I came to know our photographer. I was a lucky bride, my groom wanted to help plan! He booked our honeymoon, the string quartet for the ceremony, and the band for the reception. We visited all our vendors together.

We decided that the pictures were one of the most important concepts because they would last a long time. We splurged on Mark Romine Photograpy, Normal, Illinois. Mark and his assistant Kaitlyn were very enthusiastic. They made everyone feel at ease while taking pictures. The package we chose included an engagement session, and credit towards the purchase of photos or a photo album. Mark even included little extras like magnets with one of our engagement and wedding pictures on them; and a tiny black photo book. Even better, for the first 10 days our engagement and wedding galleries were up, the photos were half price. Mark even went as far as to offer us a free 16x24 inch photo of our choice if 20 people commented on his blog about our wedding. And in case you're wondering, yes, we did get the free picture! And, we get the copyright to the pictures on our one year anniversary.

To save a little money, I designed our wedding invitations and had them printed locally for about $150. I bought the envelopes on a website selling bulk paper and envelopes. They sent me samples for a small cost.

Our venue was the Allerton Park Mansion in Monticello, Illinois. We knew that the ornate mansion would not need a lot of decorations, so all I did was make simple centerpieces out of blue decorative rocks, silver candles and clear candle holders. Allerton has it's own in-house catering, which was fantastic. We decided to forgo a full dinner and opted instead for appetizers that were filling.

Our band was Candy Foster and the Shades of Blue. Derek had seen them play at a friend's wedding and we decided to check them out. When the band began to play, we couldn't help but dance a little. That's when we knew they were the band for our wedding.

One of my favorite memories of the night (next to marrying Derek) was seeing him for the first time that day. My bridesmaids (I love you, guys!) and I had spent the morning at the salon having our hair, nails and make up done. We arrived at the mansion before pictures were supposed to start. After dressing and having photos taken of me finishing getting ready, the photographer took me downstairs to the Grand Gallery, where the ceremony and reception were going to be held, and had me stand in the aisle and wait for Derek. At that moment, I felt like I wanted to cry. I was getting married and the man I love was going to see me for the first time at any moment. When he tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and hugged him. The moment was one of the happiest moments of my life.

A couple months out from the wedding, we toyed with the idea of writing our own vows. Derek suggested it and I said, "Actually, I already wrote a cheesy poem." And, from that cheesy poem, we eventually wrote our more serious vows. We wrote vows and revised them, expressing our idea of what we want our marriage to be. We chose not to memorize them, mostly because the pressures of standing up in front of everyone might cause us to forget what we were supposed to say.

We had one funny moment during our ceremony. Derek had just finished putting the ring on my finger and I was to his ring on next. When the time came, he raised his right and hand, instead of left, and I almost lost it (I did mention earlier that we laugh until we cry a lot), but I managed to repeat the ring vows and slide the ring on Derek's finger without laughing. The only way I managed not to laugh was to not look at Derek at that moment because I knew if I did, I would lose it.


Photography: Mark Romine Photography

Location/Caterafis: Allerton Park

Flowers: The Blossom Basket

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Band: Candy Foster and Shades of Blue

winter wedding part II

I can't get enough of the beautiful lighting in these pictures. Mark Romine did a fantastic job. He really did capture the elegance and ambiance of the day. And you can see the bride and groom only had eyes for each other that night! I love the shot of the rings in the piano keys {especially since both the bride and groom both play an instrument} I don't know what I loved more, the cheesecake bar, the beautiful flowers, or the dancing!


Photography: Mark Romine Photography

Location/Caterafis: Allerton Park

Flowers: The Blossom Basket

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Band: Candy Foster and Shades of Blue

a winter wedding at Allerton Park

I am so happy to share this wedding with you!!! One, because this stylish couple happens to be my cousin Amy and her groom Derek {I was a bridesmaid!}. But also because this is our first real wedding feature on East Chic! I love Amy and Derek's story of how they met! They weren't two desperate people on the hunt for someone, they were just two people living their lives looking for a comforter and a luffa! Read on to hear it from Amy!

One Saturday afternoon in November, I happened to be shopping for a comforter at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in hopes of getting it as a gift for Christmas.

That same afternoon, Derek was also in Bed, Bath and Beyond. A roommate of his had moved out and left an empty space on the wall. Derek was looking for wall art and a new loofah (he didn't know the name of it then, but does now thanks to me!) because his had come unraveled.

While wandering the store, Derek spotted me and recognized me from the Parkland Community Concert Band in which we both played. Derek circled the store once debating whether or not to talk to me. He decided that, yes, he should talk to me and went over and said "hi." After a little chatting, Derek decided he was hungry and asked me to lunch. I said yes and that's where our story begins.

We continued to go out to movies, dinners, and after three months, we went on our first trip together. Sooner rather than later, we were spending every day together. We talked together, vacationed together and laughed together until we cried (several times, actually).

Less than a year after we met at Bed, Bath and Beyond, we began to talk about getting engaged. Our talks led us to picking out a ring together. Derek spent a lot of time at the jewelry store, looking for a stone to go in the setting we picked out. When it was finally ready, he did not tell me, but kept the ring in his pocket, waiting for the perfect moment.

One evening, we were at Derek's apartment, playing darts and pool. I had lost at both and was ready to pout about losing when Derek said, "You lost the game, but you win me." He kneeled down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I excitedly said "yes!" and hugged him tight. He slipped the ring on my finger and so began the plans for the wedding.


Photography: Mark Romine Photography

Location/Caterafis: Allerton Park

Flowers: The Blossom Basket

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Band: Candy Foster and Shades of Blue


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