a winter wedding at Allerton Park

I am so happy to share this wedding with you!!! One, because this stylish couple happens to be my cousin Amy and her groom Derek {I was a bridesmaid!}. But also because this is our first real wedding feature on East Chic! I love Amy and Derek's story of how they met! They weren't two desperate people on the hunt for someone, they were just two people living their lives looking for a comforter and a luffa! Read on to hear it from Amy!

One Saturday afternoon in November, I happened to be shopping for a comforter at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in hopes of getting it as a gift for Christmas.

That same afternoon, Derek was also in Bed, Bath and Beyond. A roommate of his had moved out and left an empty space on the wall. Derek was looking for wall art and a new loofah (he didn't know the name of it then, but does now thanks to me!) because his had come unraveled.

While wandering the store, Derek spotted me and recognized me from the Parkland Community Concert Band in which we both played. Derek circled the store once debating whether or not to talk to me. He decided that, yes, he should talk to me and went over and said "hi." After a little chatting, Derek decided he was hungry and asked me to lunch. I said yes and that's where our story begins.

We continued to go out to movies, dinners, and after three months, we went on our first trip together. Sooner rather than later, we were spending every day together. We talked together, vacationed together and laughed together until we cried (several times, actually).

Less than a year after we met at Bed, Bath and Beyond, we began to talk about getting engaged. Our talks led us to picking out a ring together. Derek spent a lot of time at the jewelry store, looking for a stone to go in the setting we picked out. When it was finally ready, he did not tell me, but kept the ring in his pocket, waiting for the perfect moment.

One evening, we were at Derek's apartment, playing darts and pool. I had lost at both and was ready to pout about losing when Derek said, "You lost the game, but you win me." He kneeled down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I excitedly said "yes!" and hugged him tight. He slipped the ring on my finger and so began the plans for the wedding.


Photography: Mark Romine Photography

Location/Caterafis: Allerton Park

Flowers: The Blossom Basket

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Band: Candy Foster and Shades of Blue


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  2. Hey Ashley!
    I fail at life because i didn't know this was your blog I've been following! This is Heather, Kyle's fiancee (saw you again on Saturday!) I have no idea how I missed the picture of you at the top of your blog, but now I feel so silly! I found your blog through another blog that I read - how random is that? What a small technological world... After talking about Travelzoo.com together - you are the person that I got the idea from! I hope you have a good laugh about this and I'm sure I will see you soon :)


  3. That's so funny! It is a small world! it's nice to meet other bloggers. A lot of people have no idea what I am talking about when I mention anything about it!. Glad you like it!


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