flower girl dresses...

This Saturday I am going dress shopping with my fiance's step mom and grandmother. I am really excited to see if they find anything. It feels like stuff is really starting to happen now. I guess this is it- we really are getting married. I have spent so much time thinking about the actual day. I forgot sometimes that when this is all over Ryan is going to be my husband! It's so exciting and scary at the same time.

The only down side of this weekend is that Rylee (my soon to be sister-in-law who is nine) has girl scouts and won't be able to come along. So I wanted to be able to give her an idea of what she will be wearing. So now it's time to do some serious research. I want her to feel as pretty and grown up as all the other girls. So I don't want to put her in something that is going to make her feel like a baby. I want something chic that she will be able to wear again (because I hate making people spend money on something they will wear only once!)

So far it's slim pickin' in the flower girl department. I have yet to find something I am completely in love with but I do love this little ruffled number from j.crew above. It has possibilities- with a little accessorizing I think it could be something really cute and special. Which is Rylee- cute and special.

What are you putting your flower girl in???


  1. that dress is super cute! i just might have to have my 9 year old niece wear that for my wedding :)


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