tea staining DIY tutorial

Tea staining is a DIY project that I have wanted to try my hand at for a while now. This is a great DIY technique for beginners. You can use it for a variety of projects. You can use it to make stationary or fabric look old. So many possibilities! So I hope you enjoy East Chic's first DIY tutorial and I hope you will come back for more!

Tea Staining 101

First fill a pan with water and boil the water over high heat. Next you are going to put in your tea bags {I used about 9- you need a lot to get good strong color}

Once the tea is brewed and strong in color you are going to place your item that you wish to stain into the the tea. {in this case I am using the cupcake liners since I am making the garland}

Let the item sit in the tea for a few minutes. That is what makes this project nice- you can do other things while you wait. I catch up on The Tudors while I did this project.

After a few minutes carefully remove the item, making sure not to tear.

Let them dry and viola! You are done! It is hard to see the color in the pictures but I promise you will love the results. More DIY's to come. Happy Friday and hope you enjoy!

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