Have I got the best keep travel secret for you!!! I had a patient tell me about this travel site this week. I put off checking it out because I find most travel discount sites to be a disappointment. I never can find a good deal on the days I am looking for. The guy who told me about this site went to Ireland for $699 - that's air, lodging at a Ritz Carlton, and rental car for six days! Talk about a deal!

So I checked it out and man oh man am I excited to book our honeymoon! This site has it all. Cruises, tropical getaways, European tours. It has something for everyone. And the prices are AMAZING. Paris for $799? All I am dreaming of right now is eating bread, and cheese and drinking endless glasses of wine. All the while walking the streets of Paris with my best friend. It is a good dream my friend and the Visa is calling my name. It is saying charge! All that is left to do is convince the soon to be hubs.

To see the amazing deals for yourself go here!

Image from www.go-today.com


  1. Good luck! Paris would be an amazing honeymoon :)

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