east chic giveaway!

Hello all! This is east chic's first giveaway because I am cleaning out my craft room and I have some pretty wedding things to share! So for the next four weeks every one who leaves a comment on any post will be entered into a giveaway. The winner will be randomly selected every Friday. Exciting I know! So let's start with some spring cheeriness- this weeks giveaway will be a hand crafted floral bouquet for your big day.

Every flower was lovingly hand crafted by me. Silk, tweed, tulle, all kinds of textures give it a realistic look and because it's made of fabric and ribbon it will last forever. It's almost to pretty to toss to some old single girl who you may or may not know!

If you like the look of the bouquet- check out my etsy store.


  1. So, I just stumbled across your blog and FELL IN LOVE with this bouquet! You are so talented... I'm gonna hop on over to you etsy shop and check out your other stuff. Can't wait to see what else you have to share with us DIY soon-to-be-brides on a budget! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks! I have a lot of DIY projects coming up so stay posted!


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