saying goodbye

Sorry I have been MIA lately. My Great Aunt Marilyn passed away and I have been a little blue lately. I know most people aren't close to their great aunts but she was special. She was the first person I remember thinking was my friend. She was the first person to buy me fabric. I did my some of my first crafting with her. If I wanted to make bunnies then we didn't just make one bunny- I came home with a whole bag full of fabric handmade bunnies. She was an inspiring lady and I needed some time to say goodbye. Now I am a back and crafting more then ever. I think my inspiration is on over load right now.

I promise to share more with you this week!


bee yummy skin food

I don't know about you brides to be but I constantly worry about breaking out right before the wedding. And I know, I know, they can photo shop a lot of stuff but I don't want to be photo shopped! I just want my skin to corporate with me for once!

So I am going organic with Bee Yummy Skin Food. I have tried so many things. Expensive things. Nothing seems to work. If it gets rid of my acne- then it's to harsh and my skin is way to dry. If it moisturizes then I break out even more. So after reading testimonials on how this product has worked for other people, I am giving it a shot. It is suppose to be very moisturizing but also heals acne I think I am even going to be super cheesy and do a before and after shot.

bridesmaid's bouquets

I started my bridesmaid's bouquets. They are not as labor intense as my bouquet was. i also was able to use a lot of stuff I had to sitting around the house. I deconstructed some Christmas flowers with sparkles on them. Found some old thrift stuff like branches with pearls. I love doing that, just looking around my house for stuff to craft with. It is a great source of inspiration for me. The bouquets just seemed to grow on their own.

I am starting to relax more now that I have a clear vision on the colors and textures going into the wedding. I use to worry about how it was all going to come together but I realize now that I just have to stick with my gut and keep my overall vision in mind.

diy flower applique sandals

I spent the whole weekend crafting. It was wonderful. My phone was broken so I was totally without distraction. The first thing I made was this pair of sandals. I had been shopping with my mom and sisters and everywhere we went we saw cute summer sandals with flowers and ruffles and I kept thinking I could do that. So I did.

I bought a cheap pair of sandals from Walmart while grocery shopping. I used some scrap fabric I had from my bouquet. Silk and good ol' polyester. Then I just did my thing.

The ruffles are easy to make. First you are going to make a circle template a little bigger then a quarter. Cut about 18-20 per sandal.

Then fire up the hot glue gun. To make ruffles take a circle fold in half and put a dot of glue on the center of the fold. Fold circle in half again and hold {careful of fingers getting burned- I set my glue gun on low for this project.}

To make a flower it is the same basic concept as the ruffle. You will want to make your circles bigger then a quarter for this- about an inch and half in diameter. You will want eight of these circles.

Using the same gluing process as above make eight ruffles. Then glue two ruffles pointed end to pointed end. Do this to all eight.

Next you will put a dot of glue on one set of ruffles on the center where the they meet in the middle and place another set of ruffles over it. And there you have a complete flower. Embellish however you want in the center {I used pearls} Repeat with the two other sets of petals.

Starting from the top glue ruffles along the center seam of sandals. Use glue sparingly. It only takes a little for the ruffles to attach. You want to stop where the strap meets your feet- you don't want the ruffles to go into your toes.

Last glue your flower over the ruffles at the top of the sandal. Voila! Your own glam pair of sandals. Perfect for a shower or rehearsal dinner!


wellies for paris

I have been doing some research on the weather in Paris in September. It could be rainy which is no biggie but I want to still be able to get out and about. So the search starts for the perfect rain gear. I want a pair of these Hunter Wellington boots! I really do love all the different patterns and colors out there in rain boot fashion but I am a girl who does not wear color. I have a love affair with the color black and I am not about to break up with it.

I also want a jacket that is rain proof but not poncho looking. I don't want it to look like an athletic pull over or something you would wear to a sporting event. So the search for the perfect honeymoon wardrobe continues on. I have a whole section of my closet where I have been hoarding away new clothes for the trip. I love the feel of something new. There is nothing like putting on a new outfit!


sneak peek at my diy cake

So with around 370 guests and cake prices starting at around $2-3 per guest it's just not going to be possible to get a wedding cake that is going to feed everyone. Instead we are making a cake out Styrofoam rings with the top tier being a real cake for me and Ryan to cut.

I think it's shear genius! All we are going to do is glue the rings together, ice them with the same icing as the real cake, and decorate it! My mom found sheet cake at Sam's that is really good and really cheap. So if you are tight on budget but don't want to compromise having a beautiful cake that's in proportion with the wedding then this could be the diy project for you!

All I have left to do it make a little top hat for my groom birdie and a veil for the girl birdie. They are so cute! The birds were one of the first items of inspirations me and my mom found. We are doing a love bird theme for the reception. I have been scouring thrift stores for any bird that I can get my hands on. Eventually I am going to spray paint them to all go together. I am excited about this project because I want to keep them for after the wedding as a collection.

How about you? Have you bought anything for your wedding that you can't wait to use after the wedding is over???


diy vintage cake stands

This is a great idea that I got from here! I used a dishwasher safe sylicone based adhesive to attach glass candlestick holders to crystal platters. Both of which you can find at any thrift store and they are dirt cheap. I think I spent on average $2 per piece.

First make sure that your surfaces are clean and dry- that will make your adhesive stick much better.

Then put a small bead of glue all the way around the top of the candlestick holder.

Put platter down centered over the candlestick holder.

Let it dry over night before moving it at all. Also rememer to let it dry for 24 hours before you wash or use it for hot food.

So pretty huh? And these took me about 20 minutes to make. Cheap, easy, and fast! It's nice to cross a project off the list.


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