sneak peek at my diy cake

So with around 370 guests and cake prices starting at around $2-3 per guest it's just not going to be possible to get a wedding cake that is going to feed everyone. Instead we are making a cake out Styrofoam rings with the top tier being a real cake for me and Ryan to cut.

I think it's shear genius! All we are going to do is glue the rings together, ice them with the same icing as the real cake, and decorate it! My mom found sheet cake at Sam's that is really good and really cheap. So if you are tight on budget but don't want to compromise having a beautiful cake that's in proportion with the wedding then this could be the diy project for you!

All I have left to do it make a little top hat for my groom birdie and a veil for the girl birdie. They are so cute! The birds were one of the first items of inspirations me and my mom found. We are doing a love bird theme for the reception. I have been scouring thrift stores for any bird that I can get my hands on. Eventually I am going to spray paint them to all go together. I am excited about this project because I want to keep them for after the wedding as a collection.

How about you? Have you bought anything for your wedding that you can't wait to use after the wedding is over???

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