diy flower applique sandals

I spent the whole weekend crafting. It was wonderful. My phone was broken so I was totally without distraction. The first thing I made was this pair of sandals. I had been shopping with my mom and sisters and everywhere we went we saw cute summer sandals with flowers and ruffles and I kept thinking I could do that. So I did.

I bought a cheap pair of sandals from Walmart while grocery shopping. I used some scrap fabric I had from my bouquet. Silk and good ol' polyester. Then I just did my thing.

The ruffles are easy to make. First you are going to make a circle template a little bigger then a quarter. Cut about 18-20 per sandal.

Then fire up the hot glue gun. To make ruffles take a circle fold in half and put a dot of glue on the center of the fold. Fold circle in half again and hold {careful of fingers getting burned- I set my glue gun on low for this project.}

To make a flower it is the same basic concept as the ruffle. You will want to make your circles bigger then a quarter for this- about an inch and half in diameter. You will want eight of these circles.

Using the same gluing process as above make eight ruffles. Then glue two ruffles pointed end to pointed end. Do this to all eight.

Next you will put a dot of glue on one set of ruffles on the center where the they meet in the middle and place another set of ruffles over it. And there you have a complete flower. Embellish however you want in the center {I used pearls} Repeat with the two other sets of petals.

Starting from the top glue ruffles along the center seam of sandals. Use glue sparingly. It only takes a little for the ruffles to attach. You want to stop where the strap meets your feet- you don't want the ruffles to go into your toes.

Last glue your flower over the ruffles at the top of the sandal. Voila! Your own glam pair of sandals. Perfect for a shower or rehearsal dinner!

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  1. WHOA! Those are awesome too! What a great weekend!


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