wellies for paris

I have been doing some research on the weather in Paris in September. It could be rainy which is no biggie but I want to still be able to get out and about. So the search starts for the perfect rain gear. I want a pair of these Hunter Wellington boots! I really do love all the different patterns and colors out there in rain boot fashion but I am a girl who does not wear color. I have a love affair with the color black and I am not about to break up with it.

I also want a jacket that is rain proof but not poncho looking. I don't want it to look like an athletic pull over or something you would wear to a sporting event. So the search for the perfect honeymoon wardrobe continues on. I have a whole section of my closet where I have been hoarding away new clothes for the trip. I love the feel of something new. There is nothing like putting on a new outfit!

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