It's almost
the most wonderful time
of the year.
Are you jingle belling down 
your decked halls these days?
I am.
I'm gonna keep it short
and simple today-
cause it's Friday,
Charlie is teething,
and I have been up since 4 am...
thats whats up around here.
Major suckage.
That's right,
I said it,
I'm tired,
I'm behind in laundry,
and my kitchen kinda of smells...
please excuse me.

To make today
a little more merry
and a little more bright
I am giving away
this totally awesome
 vintage santa in a mason jar snow globe
over at Etsy.com

isn't he cute?
He is from last year's DIY Anthro...
How do you win?
That's all you wanna know, isn't it?
It is SUPER easy!
Copy this:


go paste it in your Facebook status.
 and let me know, duh

leaving a comment telling me you did
shoot me an email at 906EChic{at}gmail.com
leave me a comment on 906 E. Chic's Facebook page

All entries must be made by Sunday December 2nd at 10pm
Winner will be announced Monday a December 3rd in morning...

I mean,
do you think you can manage
just one of those?
That Santa is mighty cute
and he could be just what you need
to make your holiday season complete.
He just might...
: )
Let the holiday season begin! Happy Weekending!


How a Hostess snack saved my life {A True Story}...

Hostess Cupcake with milk Image source

You read that right.
A Hostess cupcake snack
once saved this girl
from near starvation
and dying out in the wilderness
from exposure...

I may be exaggerating a tad bit.
we really were lost,
and it really was getting dark!
I'll explain...

it all started when me
and my guy pals
decided to go to Turkey Run
to hike.

I was getting ready to move to New York
and we were having one last hurrah.
We played on the swings.
We hiked the trails.
We threw shoes into the freezing cold river
to see who was brave enough to retrieve them.
We were young and easily amused-
what can I say?

was such a fun day.
One of the those "best days"
that you remember forever
and it's probably way better in your head 
then what actually went down
but it doesn't really matter 
cause it's the memory that really matters,
isn't it?

There were four of us.
And my best guy friend- Jesse.
Thomas and Blake started to wander ahead on the trail,
leaving little clues
{like an arrow made from twigs}
as to which direction they were going.
It was getting to be late afternoon 
and the days were getting shorter.
It was going to be dark soon.
Suddenly we were no longer finding
the "signs".
We must have misinterpreted 
some rocks or something
but all that really matters
is that me and Jesse,
we were lost.

I felt like we had been walking for miles.
I was starting to get whiny
and if you know me at all,
you know that whiny Ashley
is not fun Ashley.
At first I could tell Jesse thought we would eventually catch up to the others
no big deal.
But as it got later and later
and no sign of the boys
or the car
or the end of the trail
to be seen.

I was starting to panic.
I was really hungry.
Did I mention I am annoying when
I am hungry?
or uncomfortable,
or irritated?
I can be annoying.
Ask anyone,
if there is something that I pride myself in
it is my ability to be annoying.

Side Note:
you can choose to skip this part if you just want to get to the Hostess part.
This will paint a picture of how annoying I am...

One day I was watching the Discovery channel.
There were a bunch of otters,
just chillin' on the banks of the river
when suddenly a crocodile was sneaking up.
But don't worry,
this story has a happy ending-
those otters knew what was up!
They all packed together
and they started to mess with the croc!
They splashed him,
and jumped on him,
and taunted him.
they annoyed the crocodile away.
It was a turning point in my life,
I was an otter.
But I didn't have a pack.
I was a lone otter.
Annoying the crap out of all who got in my way.
: )

Back to the story...
Where was I?

Oh yes,
we were lost.
I cannot begin to describe
 how hungry I was at this point.
My stomach felt like it was starting to eat itself.
All I could think about were yummy things to eat,
like spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's
or a Reuben from Arby's.
I was 19-
I ate a lot of junk food.

Just when Jesse was probably about to stab his own eyes out
if I said one more time 
I spotted it...
-there in the distant path ahead of us
I saw something.
What was it?
I couldn't quite see.
As we got closer
my heart started to pound,
could this be salvation
in a small plastic package?
It was indeed.

A Hostess Cupcake!
Hot dog!
I snatch it up like
cast member of Survivor
and ate it before I could even have the moral obligation to share.
I'm sorry Jesse.
Sorry, I'm not sorry!
It was my primal instinct going into survival mode.
Who knew if we would ever get off this dang trail?
Who knew if we would eat again?
I wasn't going to make it to New York.
I was going to die out on that trail
and if I was going to die
then I was sure as heck
gonna enjoy my last supper!

Jesse is a great friend
and he didn't judge my stuffing of my face with cupcake
and not sharing with him.
That's when you know you have a good friend,
when they let you eat the last Hostess Cupcake 
that either of you could ever see

like the otters,
this story has a happy ending.
We did eventually make it out of the woods. 
We found Blake and Thomas
and then they got me dinner
at an all you can eat buffet.

I did get thrown into a pool-
not the river, 
a pool
but that is a story for another day...


How to make an Ombre Desk...

I have joined the ombre craze!
Thank goodness I have a trendy sil
who has her crap together enough
to fill me in on what ombre
even was.
Even with Pinterest,
I am still oblivious
Thanks Lainey!

So now I wanna ombre
I am addicted.
And so,
I give you-

How To Make An Ombre Desk
{outta nuthin'!}

1. Go down into basement and take a look around at available flat surfaces.
I choose a medium of a sheet of drywall but you can use what you have.

2.  Look around said basement for some high gloss white paint and preferred ombreing color.

3. Paint 1/3 of the top surface white.

4. Pour a little of your ombre color in your white paint. 

5.  Paint the middle 1/3.

6. Pour a little more of your ombre color in your, use to be white, paint.

7. Paint the last 1/3.

8.  Place on top of a side table you are no longer using and looking to get out of the basement.

9.  Add a little decorative finish if you have something laying around your craft hoard.

10.  Stand back and admire your free Ombre Desk.

Don't you feel like ombreing it up?
I can't be stopped.


Five {Things} Friday {and a giveaway winner!}...

I changed the blog!
It took hours...
I am not so computer savvy-
and I still have more to do
I hope you like the new look so far.
Sometimes change is needed 
in order to grow.
Funny how blogs evolve 
over time-
they are kind of like people 
in that way...

I am super sad about Hostess closing it's doors.
Zebra Cakes are what got me through some days.
During high school football games
the cheerleaders would throw Twinkie's into the crowd.
What is there not to love about a sugary, cream filled cake?
I can eat a whole box.

I am going to Gordyville tomorrow!
If you live around here and
you're all like,
"What's Gordyville???"
I will tell you...
Gordyville is this giant building
out in between the middle of nowhere
the boonies.
it is in a barn/horse arena like atmosphere,
there are tons of Church booths
and local business
selling yummy things to eat.
you will walk away spending way more then you planned
on the cutest handmade, handcrafted, handpicked crafts
sold by local vendors.
And you know there is nothing I love more 
then supporting local vendors 
and emptying the hubby's wallet.
just kidding baby...
It's the-
Saturday 8-5 Sunday 8-4
Admission is a $1 donation 
that benefits Country Heath Nursing Home.
All good things.
Support a good cause,
support local churches,
support local vendors...
Vendors like,
who is SUPER crafty.
You should have seen her beautiful DIY wedding
and the beautiful dress that, wait for it, -
These crafty ladies will be hanging around
selling some of the stuff they just whip up
around the house in their spare time.
Things like:
dry erase boards
Barbie clothing
Christmas decor
and much more...

You should go check out their booth
and hope that some of their craftiness rubs off on you.
Cause they have got some mad skills.
See what I mean...

I took care of 2 babies today! I haven't been out numbered in a long time.  Good thing my sissy came over and helped me out this afternoon!  I am wiped out! So I am going to wrap this up...

{A Giveaway Winner}


Tracy Ann

she wrote:

This thanksgiving I am thankful my little family is okay after hurricane sandy.I live on long island not far from the flooding and I am so thankful I only had power out but sad for all others that lost everything or family.I only got power back yesterday and it breaks my heart to see what my state of NY and others effected are going through.I am getting together a big bad of supplies to bring down to my church to help my community.

Shoot me an email at 906EChic{@}yahoo{.}com
with your address and your choices from KitchTowels!

Happy weekending everyone.
 Peace out girl scout...


Kitchen Sets {A Trip Down Memory Lane}...

Today I am going to tell you a story.
It's a little personal,
and I am asking you not to judge...
and laugh with me not at me : )

Once upon a time,
there was a little girl who lived on James St.
She had the best bedroom ever.
It had a bed with a window on either side,
kitties stenciled on the walls,
and the best kitchen set ever.
Or that's what she thought anyways.
The kitchen set was her FAVORITE!!!
Every morning she would get up
and feed all of the stuffed animals and baby dolls their breakfast.
She would clean up the dishes
and she might even whip up a batch of fake cupcakes for later.
You know,
just your basic pretending.
It was the BEST...
but one day
the little girl came home
to find the kitchen set was gone!
Where could it be?
How was she going to make breakfast
or warm up Newborn Baby Shivers' bottle?
It was the end of an era.
the little girls mother explain-
"you are almost in the 4th grade"


you got me,
I'm the little girl
and yes, I played with my kitchen set
while most of you were becoming interested in makeup 
and New Kids on the Block-
or whatever was cool to listen to, 
I don't know cause I was too busy playing with my kitchen set still...
I was not so trendy
in my early years.


I was steadfast always.
I knew that one day
I would again have a kitchen set
and now,
now I am about to create
the Kitchen Set O' Dreams
for Charlie.
I am about to vicariously live through my child?
Heck yes-
if it means I get to get my pretend on.
Isn't that the best part of having a child?
To experience childhood with them?
I cannot wait to play with Charlie.
I cannot wait to see what she likes to pretend.
Will she be strict with her baby dolls as I was with mine?
Maybe she won't even like to play 
with a play kitchen.
I guess we will see.
I plan to enjoy every last tea party
and bake off.

What do you look games do you look forward to playing with your kids?

Here is more kitchen set inspiration...

Retro Inspired Play Kitchen Image Source

Vintage Play Kitchen Image Source

White play kitchen with chalkboard Image Source

Green play kitchen with checkered curtain Image Source

Blue play kitchen with polk-a-dot curtains Image Source

Shabby Chic play kitchen with yellowe curtains Image Source

White play kitchen with floral curtains Image Source

Orange and grey play kitchen Image Source

Blue and yellow play kitchen Image Source


Kitch Towels {Etsy Stores I love}...

Have you guys checked out
Kitch Towels over on Etsy yet?
If not you need to get over there ASAP!
I am giving away your choice of 
3 Tea Towels
such as:


or this...

1 Apron of your choice
I like this one...

This is almost a $50 value.
Head over to Etsy
check out Kitch Towels
add them as your favorite
then leave me a comment letting me know you did.
Contest ends this Thursday at 10pm
check out this post
for more ways to enter....


Some Very Pinteresting Stuff...

The Pinterest Dictionary
Est. 2012

Pinterest Trap: (pin-ter-est trap) 1.) Pinning so many items that you have pinned the same thing three times and you don't even know it. 2.) Pinning but never actually doing any of the projects, recipes, or dressing like anything you pin. 3.) When the addiction to Pinterest becomes so severe that you work, family, and relationships suffer.

Pin Envy: 1.) When you see someone else's Pinterest inspired project and you think- "why didn't I think of that?" 2.) When someone has better names for their pin boards then you 3.) That twinge of jealousy that shoots throw your body when you see something particularly "genius" and again you think "why didn't I think of that?!?"

Pin Creeper:  (pin cree-per) noun, 1.) A person, usually female, who after logging on to Pinterest immediately starts pinning everything a super cool girl that she follows has pinned recently. 2.) There is no other definiton 3.) I am extremely guilty of being a pin creeper.  I can't help it.  Some of the lady's I follow are to hip no to click "repin".  

Pin Envy:
I looooooove Pinterest.
It was like somebody went inside of my mind
and said to themselves-
"this place needs some organization!"
and then bam!
Pinterest is born.
God bless Pinterest.
I don't remember what life was like before it.
On one hand I feel like I get so many more ideas,
and projects completed
with my pal Pinterest.
but sometimes,
sometimes I notice
that all I am doing is pinning
and not living.
Pinterest is great but it should be to make your actual life better-
not be your life
 which for me is sometimes hard.

So to force myself to put the computer down,
and actually get some work done
I am issuing myself a challenge.
I am calling it:

here is how it works:

1- Go through my pin boards and get rid of old boards that I don't need.  There are a lot of them...

2- Pick out 5 pins from different boards to complete in the coming week.

3- Take pictures of said "pinsperation" projects and compare them to original pins for all you readers to feel inspired to do your own PIN TO WIN CHALLENGE!!!

Here are my five pins for this week...
{even as I tried to navigate Pinterest for this post I got sucked into mindless pinning!}
***Remember, if you pin these pictures to pin them from the source, not from 906, that way the correct person gets credit!!! Thanks!

Make these...Black Bean & Spinach Enchiladas from The Garden Grazer

Make these...Socktopuses from the talented blogger over at Ginger & George

Make this...Lace Detailed Sweatshirt by the awesome crafter, Kimbo, over at Girl & A Glue Gun
The tutorial was done as a guest post for the blog Elegance & Elephants, also a fab blog to check out!

Put out one of these...
A Year In A Jar from the blog inchmark

Recreate my own version of this outfit...




Don't forget to enter into 906's Thanksgiving Giveaway!!!! I am extending it for ONE MORE WEEK!!! Leave a comment letting me know what you are most thankful for...
Free stuff people.
Free stuff.
Just go leave a comment.


Election Day Thoughts...

SNL's spoof on the Colorado debate...

Don't worry,
I'm not about to get all
on you.
Just wanted to share 
a funny thought I had this morning
while watching Obama
 on ESPN this morning...

What they are REALLY thinking
inside the mind of


I'm so over campaigning.
I hope Michelle actually lets me take it easy today
and eat some pizza. 
I'm tired of all of her pushing her health agenda on me.
I'm president.
If I don't wanna eat Brussel sprouts
then I don't have to woman.
She so bossy.
I hate it
but part of me likes it to...
I really wish she would let me invest more time in Fantasy Football.
That is where the action is.
I would have so much more time to develop my team if I didn't have to be president.
Should I start Jordy Nelson this week?
or is his hammy injury gonna cause him trouble?
Where is Joe Biden when you need him...


I have so much money 
I feel like I could just keep campaigning
for like, forever.
Cause I am that rich.
Love it.
Love being rich
about as much as I love having kids.
Which judging by the number of sons I have, is a lot...
Did Ann remember to TiVo Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night.
She better not have watched without me.
I love that Kyle almost as much as I love Ann-
she's sexy...

Have a great election day,
remember it doesn't matter who you vote for
as long as you are an informed voter.
It's an exciting right that we should never take for granted.
We have a voice
and freedom to choose our government.
May the best man for the job win...


Thanksgving Giveaway {Kitch on Etsy}...

Two of my favorite things are:

Tea Towels

This Etsy store has both!!!

was an awesome find that I had this week 
during my search for Anthropologie worthy style.
I couldn't wait till December 
to share this so 
to show all you readers 
how THANKFUL I am to have
each and every
one of you-
you all have a chance to win

3 tea towels
  1 apron
    from Kitch on Etsy...

How to Win:

You can enter up to 6 times but must leave a separate comment for each entry letting me know what you did!!!

* Leave a comment telling me what you are most thankful for this  Thanksgiving season...

* Hop over to Etsy and add Kitch to your favorites...

* Become a follower of 906 E. Chic...

*Like 906 E. Chic on Facebook...

*Post a link to 906 E. Chic in your Facebook status or twitter...

*Donate $10 to Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy victims...

So hurry up and enter!
The contest will close this Thursday at 10pm 
and I will announce the winner this
Friday November 9th, 2012


Five {Things} Friday...

Five {Things} Charlie Eats

If my kitchen had a mission statement for feeding baby
it would be this:

To make sure that Charlie eats a variety of color, texture, and taste while teaching her to enjoy food and meal time with family like a lady.

Organic Super Puffs by Plum Organics Baby
With five different flavors these are easy to pack on the go and they taste great.
They have real fruits and veggies,
iron, vitamin E, and zinc-
all A+ things for baby.
Iron promotes healthy brain development.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant which goes around baby's body getting free radicals.
They are like little super heroes going around your baby's body
killing off the bad guys.
Zinc builds a strong immune system.
Great snack.

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Husks- Banana & Vegetable.
Also organic, these snacks give baby that crunch
they love to hear using their new little teeth.
Only give these to baby when you are supervising.
These are great to give baby while you are cleaning up the kitchen.
Gluten Free
Egg Free
Peanut Free
These are an excellent snack for baby with food sensitivities.
Also very easy to pack on the go because they are individually wrapped.

Little Cremes Organic Rice Milk Snacks by Plum Organics
Dairy free
which is great for us because Charlie is allergic to milk.
All organic, no artificial flavors added, and no genetically altered ingredients.
Did you know that our wheat is so genetically altered that it is causing
an epidemic of gluten related allergies?
I really believe we need to stop messing with our food.
Natural is best in my mind.
The less chemicals
and science that goes into it-
the better!

pronounced: new-tram-mi-gen
we call this stuff liquid gold
because it is so dang expensive!
I only recommend this if your baby shows an intolerance to milk and soy based formulas.
This is a hypo-allergenic formula for babies that are truly lactose intolerant.
Charlie threw up a lot when she was younger-
sometimes hours after she had eaten.
This is a classic symptom of milk allergy because the formula makes it all the way to the intestines -
where a collection of white blood cells has formed to try and "fight" the milk back up.

Meijer Naturals Baby Food
For the most part I make Charlie's baby food
but occasionally time is short and jarred baby food is on sale.
I also can offer Charlie more variety with jarred baby food
and she definitely enjoys the jarred fruit.
When you make your own fruit it can be a little bitter
and they say not to add sugar.
I don't know who "they"
are but I know they say it.

So there it is-
our five basics of feeding Charlie.
You can get it all at Meijer.
Happy Shopping!!!

Please feel free to link up in the comments to your own 
Five {Things} Friday...


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