It's almost
the most wonderful time
of the year.
Are you jingle belling down 
your decked halls these days?
I am.
I'm gonna keep it short
and simple today-
cause it's Friday,
Charlie is teething,
and I have been up since 4 am...
thats whats up around here.
Major suckage.
That's right,
I said it,
I'm tired,
I'm behind in laundry,
and my kitchen kinda of smells...
please excuse me.

To make today
a little more merry
and a little more bright
I am giving away
this totally awesome
 vintage santa in a mason jar snow globe
over at Etsy.com

isn't he cute?
He is from last year's DIY Anthro...
How do you win?
That's all you wanna know, isn't it?
It is SUPER easy!
Copy this:


go paste it in your Facebook status.
 and let me know, duh

leaving a comment telling me you did
shoot me an email at 906EChic{at}gmail.com
leave me a comment on 906 E. Chic's Facebook page

All entries must be made by Sunday December 2nd at 10pm
Winner will be announced Monday a December 3rd in morning...

I mean,
do you think you can manage
just one of those?
That Santa is mighty cute
and he could be just what you need
to make your holiday season complete.
He just might...
: )
Let the holiday season begin! Happy Weekending!

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