Kitchen Sets {A Trip Down Memory Lane}...

Today I am going to tell you a story.
It's a little personal,
and I am asking you not to judge...
and laugh with me not at me : )

Once upon a time,
there was a little girl who lived on James St.
She had the best bedroom ever.
It had a bed with a window on either side,
kitties stenciled on the walls,
and the best kitchen set ever.
Or that's what she thought anyways.
The kitchen set was her FAVORITE!!!
Every morning she would get up
and feed all of the stuffed animals and baby dolls their breakfast.
She would clean up the dishes
and she might even whip up a batch of fake cupcakes for later.
You know,
just your basic pretending.
It was the BEST...
but one day
the little girl came home
to find the kitchen set was gone!
Where could it be?
How was she going to make breakfast
or warm up Newborn Baby Shivers' bottle?
It was the end of an era.
the little girls mother explain-
"you are almost in the 4th grade"


you got me,
I'm the little girl
and yes, I played with my kitchen set
while most of you were becoming interested in makeup 
and New Kids on the Block-
or whatever was cool to listen to, 
I don't know cause I was too busy playing with my kitchen set still...
I was not so trendy
in my early years.


I was steadfast always.
I knew that one day
I would again have a kitchen set
and now,
now I am about to create
the Kitchen Set O' Dreams
for Charlie.
I am about to vicariously live through my child?
Heck yes-
if it means I get to get my pretend on.
Isn't that the best part of having a child?
To experience childhood with them?
I cannot wait to play with Charlie.
I cannot wait to see what she likes to pretend.
Will she be strict with her baby dolls as I was with mine?
Maybe she won't even like to play 
with a play kitchen.
I guess we will see.
I plan to enjoy every last tea party
and bake off.

What do you look games do you look forward to playing with your kids?

Here is more kitchen set inspiration...

Retro Inspired Play Kitchen Image Source

Vintage Play Kitchen Image Source

White play kitchen with chalkboard Image Source

Green play kitchen with checkered curtain Image Source

Blue play kitchen with polk-a-dot curtains Image Source

Shabby Chic play kitchen with yellowe curtains Image Source

White play kitchen with floral curtains Image Source

Orange and grey play kitchen Image Source

Blue and yellow play kitchen Image Source


  1. I'm excited to see what you create for Charlie! I really wanted to do one for Asher but never got the motivation, just inspiration. Maybe if I have a girl next I will do it! :)

    Also, have no shame! lol I know I played with barbies and whatever a little too long as well but I am happy that I lived out my childhood to the fullest and longest I could! No regrets :)


  2. I am going to get my dad to help me make it. When we had projects in school he would always take them to the next level. I want to make it semi functional so as she grows up she can really use it as a station to help in the kitchen. So I need something that can transition into a new space when we move and also with her as she grows. I am doing a lot of brainstorming right now.

    I am was right there with you with the Barbies, sometimes I actually liked having younger friends because then I could pretend I was playing to make them happy but it was actually for my own inner child : )


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