Five {Things} Friday {and a giveaway winner!}...

I changed the blog!
It took hours...
I am not so computer savvy-
and I still have more to do
I hope you like the new look so far.
Sometimes change is needed 
in order to grow.
Funny how blogs evolve 
over time-
they are kind of like people 
in that way...

I am super sad about Hostess closing it's doors.
Zebra Cakes are what got me through some days.
During high school football games
the cheerleaders would throw Twinkie's into the crowd.
What is there not to love about a sugary, cream filled cake?
I can eat a whole box.

I am going to Gordyville tomorrow!
If you live around here and
you're all like,
"What's Gordyville???"
I will tell you...
Gordyville is this giant building
out in between the middle of nowhere
the boonies.
it is in a barn/horse arena like atmosphere,
there are tons of Church booths
and local business
selling yummy things to eat.
you will walk away spending way more then you planned
on the cutest handmade, handcrafted, handpicked crafts
sold by local vendors.
And you know there is nothing I love more 
then supporting local vendors 
and emptying the hubby's wallet.
just kidding baby...
It's the-
Saturday 8-5 Sunday 8-4
Admission is a $1 donation 
that benefits Country Heath Nursing Home.
All good things.
Support a good cause,
support local churches,
support local vendors...
Vendors like,
who is SUPER crafty.
You should have seen her beautiful DIY wedding
and the beautiful dress that, wait for it, -
These crafty ladies will be hanging around
selling some of the stuff they just whip up
around the house in their spare time.
Things like:
dry erase boards
Barbie clothing
Christmas decor
and much more...

You should go check out their booth
and hope that some of their craftiness rubs off on you.
Cause they have got some mad skills.
See what I mean...

I took care of 2 babies today! I haven't been out numbered in a long time.  Good thing my sissy came over and helped me out this afternoon!  I am wiped out! So I am going to wrap this up...

{A Giveaway Winner}


Tracy Ann

she wrote:

This thanksgiving I am thankful my little family is okay after hurricane sandy.I live on long island not far from the flooding and I am so thankful I only had power out but sad for all others that lost everything or family.I only got power back yesterday and it breaks my heart to see what my state of NY and others effected are going through.I am getting together a big bad of supplies to bring down to my church to help my community.

Shoot me an email at 906EChic{@}yahoo{.}com
with your address and your choices from KitchTowels!

Happy weekending everyone.
 Peace out girl scout...

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