How to make an Ombre Desk...

I have joined the ombre craze!
Thank goodness I have a trendy sil
who has her crap together enough
to fill me in on what ombre
even was.
Even with Pinterest,
I am still oblivious
Thanks Lainey!

So now I wanna ombre
I am addicted.
And so,
I give you-

How To Make An Ombre Desk
{outta nuthin'!}

1. Go down into basement and take a look around at available flat surfaces.
I choose a medium of a sheet of drywall but you can use what you have.

2.  Look around said basement for some high gloss white paint and preferred ombreing color.

3. Paint 1/3 of the top surface white.

4. Pour a little of your ombre color in your white paint. 

5.  Paint the middle 1/3.

6. Pour a little more of your ombre color in your, use to be white, paint.

7. Paint the last 1/3.

8.  Place on top of a side table you are no longer using and looking to get out of the basement.

9.  Add a little decorative finish if you have something laying around your craft hoard.

10.  Stand back and admire your free Ombre Desk.

Don't you feel like ombreing it up?
I can't be stopped.

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