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The Pinterest Dictionary
Est. 2012

Pinterest Trap: (pin-ter-est trap) 1.) Pinning so many items that you have pinned the same thing three times and you don't even know it. 2.) Pinning but never actually doing any of the projects, recipes, or dressing like anything you pin. 3.) When the addiction to Pinterest becomes so severe that you work, family, and relationships suffer.

Pin Envy: 1.) When you see someone else's Pinterest inspired project and you think- "why didn't I think of that?" 2.) When someone has better names for their pin boards then you 3.) That twinge of jealousy that shoots throw your body when you see something particularly "genius" and again you think "why didn't I think of that?!?"

Pin Creeper:  (pin cree-per) noun, 1.) A person, usually female, who after logging on to Pinterest immediately starts pinning everything a super cool girl that she follows has pinned recently. 2.) There is no other definiton 3.) I am extremely guilty of being a pin creeper.  I can't help it.  Some of the lady's I follow are to hip no to click "repin".  

Pin Envy:
I looooooove Pinterest.
It was like somebody went inside of my mind
and said to themselves-
"this place needs some organization!"
and then bam!
Pinterest is born.
God bless Pinterest.
I don't remember what life was like before it.
On one hand I feel like I get so many more ideas,
and projects completed
with my pal Pinterest.
but sometimes,
sometimes I notice
that all I am doing is pinning
and not living.
Pinterest is great but it should be to make your actual life better-
not be your life
 which for me is sometimes hard.

So to force myself to put the computer down,
and actually get some work done
I am issuing myself a challenge.
I am calling it:

here is how it works:

1- Go through my pin boards and get rid of old boards that I don't need.  There are a lot of them...

2- Pick out 5 pins from different boards to complete in the coming week.

3- Take pictures of said "pinsperation" projects and compare them to original pins for all you readers to feel inspired to do your own PIN TO WIN CHALLENGE!!!

Here are my five pins for this week...
{even as I tried to navigate Pinterest for this post I got sucked into mindless pinning!}
***Remember, if you pin these pictures to pin them from the source, not from 906, that way the correct person gets credit!!! Thanks!

Make these...Black Bean & Spinach Enchiladas from The Garden Grazer

Make these...Socktopuses from the talented blogger over at Ginger & George

Make this...Lace Detailed Sweatshirt by the awesome crafter, Kimbo, over at Girl & A Glue Gun
The tutorial was done as a guest post for the blog Elegance & Elephants, also a fab blog to check out!

Put out one of these...
A Year In A Jar from the blog inchmark

Recreate my own version of this outfit...




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Free stuff.
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  1. I'm going to try this enchilada recipe on thursday... :)

    if you want a similar and AWESOME recipe (I've made this at least 5 times), try this one:


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