Election Day Thoughts...

SNL's spoof on the Colorado debate...

Don't worry,
I'm not about to get all
on you.
Just wanted to share 
a funny thought I had this morning
while watching Obama
 on ESPN this morning...

What they are REALLY thinking
inside the mind of


I'm so over campaigning.
I hope Michelle actually lets me take it easy today
and eat some pizza. 
I'm tired of all of her pushing her health agenda on me.
I'm president.
If I don't wanna eat Brussel sprouts
then I don't have to woman.
She so bossy.
I hate it
but part of me likes it to...
I really wish she would let me invest more time in Fantasy Football.
That is where the action is.
I would have so much more time to develop my team if I didn't have to be president.
Should I start Jordy Nelson this week?
or is his hammy injury gonna cause him trouble?
Where is Joe Biden when you need him...


I have so much money 
I feel like I could just keep campaigning
for like, forever.
Cause I am that rich.
Love it.
Love being rich
about as much as I love having kids.
Which judging by the number of sons I have, is a lot...
Did Ann remember to TiVo Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night.
She better not have watched without me.
I love that Kyle almost as much as I love Ann-
she's sexy...

Have a great election day,
remember it doesn't matter who you vote for
as long as you are an informed voter.
It's an exciting right that we should never take for granted.
We have a voice
and freedom to choose our government.
May the best man for the job win...

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