Five {Things} Friday...

Five {Things} Charlie Eats

If my kitchen had a mission statement for feeding baby
it would be this:

To make sure that Charlie eats a variety of color, texture, and taste while teaching her to enjoy food and meal time with family like a lady.

Organic Super Puffs by Plum Organics Baby
With five different flavors these are easy to pack on the go and they taste great.
They have real fruits and veggies,
iron, vitamin E, and zinc-
all A+ things for baby.
Iron promotes healthy brain development.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant which goes around baby's body getting free radicals.
They are like little super heroes going around your baby's body
killing off the bad guys.
Zinc builds a strong immune system.
Great snack.

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Husks- Banana & Vegetable.
Also organic, these snacks give baby that crunch
they love to hear using their new little teeth.
Only give these to baby when you are supervising.
These are great to give baby while you are cleaning up the kitchen.
Gluten Free
Egg Free
Peanut Free
These are an excellent snack for baby with food sensitivities.
Also very easy to pack on the go because they are individually wrapped.

Little Cremes Organic Rice Milk Snacks by Plum Organics
Dairy free
which is great for us because Charlie is allergic to milk.
All organic, no artificial flavors added, and no genetically altered ingredients.
Did you know that our wheat is so genetically altered that it is causing
an epidemic of gluten related allergies?
I really believe we need to stop messing with our food.
Natural is best in my mind.
The less chemicals
and science that goes into it-
the better!

pronounced: new-tram-mi-gen
we call this stuff liquid gold
because it is so dang expensive!
I only recommend this if your baby shows an intolerance to milk and soy based formulas.
This is a hypo-allergenic formula for babies that are truly lactose intolerant.
Charlie threw up a lot when she was younger-
sometimes hours after she had eaten.
This is a classic symptom of milk allergy because the formula makes it all the way to the intestines -
where a collection of white blood cells has formed to try and "fight" the milk back up.

Meijer Naturals Baby Food
For the most part I make Charlie's baby food
but occasionally time is short and jarred baby food is on sale.
I also can offer Charlie more variety with jarred baby food
and she definitely enjoys the jarred fruit.
When you make your own fruit it can be a little bitter
and they say not to add sugar.
I don't know who "they"
are but I know they say it.

So there it is-
our five basics of feeding Charlie.
You can get it all at Meijer.
Happy Shopping!!!

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