Yellow, navy, and grey living room...

We went to IKEA in Schaumburg on Black Friday.  It was the perfect day to go because all the crowds were across the street at the mall AND we got 15% of what we spent on our sofa back on a gift card!!!  Sweet deal considering I can rack up about $200 worth of crap in the cart by the time we make it to the check out line.

I can't help myself {and we only go once a year!}.  So I bet you are all like show us the darn sofa already right?  Ok I will but not before one disgusting before picture to show you the progress we have made in the past year.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for...

I am one happy girl right now.  I am far from finished with the room but it is soooo much closer to my style.  It was a dream to decorate for Christmas now that my house is finally in some order again.  We have all rooms upstairs in working functional order and it feels so good.  More to come but tune in tomorrow for the first day of A DIY Anthropology Christmas!!!!


Coming soon to a blog near you...

I have been planning some serious craft tutorials around here
Scouring the internet for places to get that Anthropology style for less
Making my list
Checking it twice
Come back Thursday December 1st 
To find out whether you have been naughty or nice...

-15 days of Anthropology Christmas Style and Gifts-
 let's make it a 906 tradition


I have gained 20+ pounds {and my knees feel it}...

This is pretty much what I have been doing with my down time lately.  I am starting to feel large and in charge {of the remote that is}.  It is all I can do to make it through the work day to come home and veg out in all of my sweat panted glory.

October was such a busy month and I just haven't seemed to recover yet.  Or that is what I keep telling myself? - like it is going to get better and miraculously I am going to wake up soon and have the energy I had 7 months ago.  As much as I like to believe that to be true I have a feeling that it is not the case and these tired days are here to stay for a while.

So to create a little something to look forward to I am gonna start pinning some crafts I can do from the comfort of my throne.  With a glue gun in hand maybe time will pass a little faster and make the days run together less.   Looks like this place is about to get a little bit more crafty cause a girl has to do more with her life other then eat Oreos {by package, by the day...cause that is not healthy for anyone}.


I want a yellow, grey, and blue living room...

And I want it like now.  I am so tired of our current blah, non inspiring, just using what we got for the moment living room.  It is a mish mash of nothing I really love or stuff that needs to be worked on.   I guess there are a few inspiring items in the room...

I am thinking casual, beachy,  and eclectic.  I want to have this beautiful wing back chair re-upholstered in some kind of strip or poppy floral print.  Are you following me here or am I getting a little crazy?  Here are some pictures to show you where I am going with this...

Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Ashley on Pinterest

I am going to start making this happen.  Starting with a little road trip to IKEA!!!


Tiny Clothes...

Little, itsy, bitsy, leggings, tunics, and hats have found their way to 906 and I am in love!   Shopping at Baby Gap has been my absolute favorite part of pregnancy thus far.  I cannot wait to dress this baby.  All these little clothes have me thinking about things like little hangers and cleaning out the closet in the nursery.

I am going to try and jazz up the closet a little.  Here's a little hint for you: it involves poke-a-dots and stencils.  Not saying anymore you will just have to come back to see the pictures!  In the mean time I am gonna find a place for these newly thrifted flowers in the baby room.



So I think that I have maybe mentioned before that I freakin' love Anthropology right? Well last month at a blogger meet up in the Philadelphia area {more to come on that later} I had the chance to go to a nursery run by the same company that owns Anthropology. Terrian did not fail expectations.  I loved it all so much that it made me want to scratch my own eyes out from all the cuteness that I could not afford but also somehow could not live without.  Does that makes any sense?  If you had seen laundry detergent that cute you would understand....here are some pictures to prove it...

I could have bought every thing in the store but settled on some red and white twine {have actually wanted this forever and had a hard time finding it} and some scented tea lights.  That alone cost me $32! That is gross but I guess that is the price you pay to leave with your eye sight.


Baby Nursery {Phase One}...

Ryan got a baby crib for his birthday just what he always wanted!  We were super excited to finally have a little something in our house that says a baby's gonna live here soon!  This past Saturday Ryan put it together and  I thought it would make me feel better having something for the baby done but instead it made me think of all of the the things we still need to do.  I was feeling overwhelmed but it was awful sweet watching him put it together for Charlie.

That night while Ryan was out watching the game with the guys, I made a little trip to Meijer.  I honestly went to get cleaning supplies and laundry detergent but kinda ended up coming out with a complete nursery.  I pretty much got the core look going and I have to say I am in love!!!  The only item that came from the baby department was the sheet for the crib.

I am loving it and so is Ryan.  It's very girlie and sweet with that collected over time kind of look that I was going for.

Other things we need still: the antique rocker my mom is giving us {that was my great, great grandmothers} a bookshelf or some wall hooks, possibly different curtains, changing pad and a cute cover,  some kind of shelving or wall hooks, a light fixture, some vintage quilts, and the closet still needs to be cleaned out and organized, and the pictures above the dresser still need to be painted to match the room.

But I feel like we are off to a good start.  Me and Ryan can randomly be found standing in the door way just looking in and thinking what it is going to be like having a baby sleeping in that crib.

Here is what it looked like before:

And here it is after:


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