A Halloweeny Party

Ryan turned 28 this Halloween so we had a little party to celebrate {and by little I mean about 30 people!}.  Here is what it entailed:

Homemade potato soup & chili

A dessert table out by the bonfire

Snuggle blankets to keep toasty warm

Cider and candy to munch on

Homemade bread and baked beans 

Lots of family to celebrate Ryan!

I didn't get any pictures of the actual party because by that point I could barely waddle around from being on my feet so much.  So there was a dessert table I promise and it was awfully purdy for a boy party- good thing my husband pretty much lets me do what I want right now cause I am growin' his baby inside of me.  

The party was a complete success!  Even if it did take me {and my kitchen} days to recover I am so glad that I did it.  Since this is our last Halloween without kids I wanted to really make Ryan the center of attention since for the next 13 years or so it will be more about the kids then him {on his actual birthday- don't cry to much for him he will still have birthdays- just not on the actual date!}.

He always tells me that he doesn't need a party but I could tell this year he was really glad we did!  Happy birthday baby!  Here is to the next 28 being just as wonderful!!!

PS Did I mention that I wore sweatpants to the party? Yeah I did...cause I am pregnant and I can.

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