I want a yellow, grey, and blue living room...

And I want it like now.  I am so tired of our current blah, non inspiring, just using what we got for the moment living room.  It is a mish mash of nothing I really love or stuff that needs to be worked on.   I guess there are a few inspiring items in the room...

I am thinking casual, beachy,  and eclectic.  I want to have this beautiful wing back chair re-upholstered in some kind of strip or poppy floral print.  Are you following me here or am I getting a little crazy?  Here are some pictures to show you where I am going with this...

Source: etsy.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Ashley on Pinterest

I am going to start making this happen.  Starting with a little road trip to IKEA!!!


  1. I love the yellow chair!!!! Mom

  2. I know I need it in my life! I am gonna start looking for fabric pronto and ask for it for Christmas from Ryan. The chair was like $20 which is pretty good for a used, non stinky chair from Restore!

  3. PS I need to show you pinterest cause I think you will addicted that is where I found all those pics! It is amazing.


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