ANTHROPOLOGIE Inspired Pom-Pom Tree Skirt {A TUTORIAL}...

Like this pom-pom tree skirt?
It was inspired by the Anthropologie 
throw picture below.
Wanna make your own???
Read on.
This project is best done
on a big flat surface
and you will need Christmas tunes or a holiday film
to enjoy while you craft-
but I shouldn't have to tell you that...

1 1/4 yard fabric
3 yard pom-pom garland
thread or hot glue gun
*sewing machine


Step One:
I used this great tutorial by Rachel over at the stellar blog Smile and Wave. She made has an awesome tutorial on how to make your own felt tree skirt that  had me itching to make my own Anthropologie inspired version. I did a basic hem around the edge of mine because I did not use felt {which doesn't need a hem} but if you hate sewing you could leave the edges raw.

see it's ok to make mistakes, this project is very forgiving... 

*a cup of cheer 

Step Two:
I hand stitched on my pom-pom string but you could also use a hot glue gun to fasten if you want to avoid sewing. I also embellished my skirt with some whimsical free style stitching done on the sewing machine.  I just did some stripes and ball like ornaments.  It was time consuming but pretty simple.  It also added a little bit of texture and interest.

Step  Three:
Place under tree for kitty and baby enjoyment.

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  1. Oh I love how your tree skirt turned out, that's beautiful! I've got this linked to my tree skirts post too today, you've done a lovely job and posted a great tutorial - thanks!


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