Terrian Inspired Burlap & Pocket Advent Calendar {A TUTORIAL}...

Burlap & Pocket Advent Calendar

inspired by this 
made by the very talented
Alexa Barbiche
-who makes them out of
repurposed grain sacks
in Pennsylvania.
They retail for $148.00
and you can purchase it here.


you could make you own for less then $15...

It's really up to you.
Life if full of tough choices isn't it?
Let me make it even easier on you
-you can now buy pre cut kits 
with all the supplies needed to make your own
from my Etsy store,
Enter the promo code: 906ECHIC
for 10% off at the checkout.

If you wanna make your own here is how:

Burlap & Pocket Advent Calendar

0-9 number stamps
red ink pad
large button
16 in. wooden stick
12 inches of twine
16X24 in. piece of burlap
1/4 yard durable, sturdy white fabric
sewing machine
hot glue gun & glue
card stock to make templates

To make pocket templates use the measurements above.  The number of squares for each different size pocket is included on each template.

After you have cut out all your pockets, stamp them with the numbers 1-24.  Placement of numbers is up to you, I made my numbers on random spots of the pockets, but you can line yours up nice and pretty if you prefer more order.

Place your pockets on the burlap and pin into position using sewing pins.

Sew along the dotted line. 

Cut off extra strings

 Hot glue the twine to the end of the wooden stick, as shown above.

 Hot glue button to twine.  If you like, you can back your button with a circle of felt adhere with hot glue.

Use hot glue to attack burlap to the wooden stick.

Fill with festive things to do and small treats!

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