A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas...

Right now
I cannot upload any photos
to blogger....


And I am afraid
that without photos-
Anthropologie inspired stuff 
just ain't the same.

I am doing my best
to remedy this situation
 but it appears 
that I am going to need some time 
to manage this-
or blogger is gonna 
have to get in gear

I will not leave you 
with nothing to get through the weekend-
have no fear.
If you missed out
on last years
DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas
then you can 
get all caught up this weekend.
Hopefully it will snow
and you can curl up
and pin away.

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Anthropologie Inspired Mason Jar Snow Globes
Twine & Vintage Button Tree DIY
906 House Tour 2011

More tutorials
and fresh content coming...

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