o ME and o MY on Etsy {Ombre Wooden Spoons}...

All images courtesy of o ME and o MY

All I want for Christmas
 is a set of these
too cool for school,
Wooden Ombre Spoons
made by the the
super adorable Etsy store
o ME and o MY

I mean,
are these not
the hippest thing
that might ever happen to your kitchen?!?
I fell instantly in love,
and I fell hard.
I am seriously wishing that Santa
will stop by Chicago on his
way down to Champaign
and load up his sleigh
full of ombre goodness
just for me...

A girl can dream,
can't she?
Dream with me.
Which one would you
give a home to?
Head over to
o ME and o MY
right now
and add that shop to your faves.
Then maybe stick around
and do some Christmas shopping.

I wouldn't be surprised
if Anthropologie
is stalking this blog right now
and in a few months
sitting cutely
on an Anthro display
you guessed it
wooden ombre spoons!

So Anthro buyers,
if you are listening,
give this girl a deal
and scoop up these babies up
before Target gets wise
and asks Heather first!

So to all 906 readers-
 be the trend setter!
Every hipster kitchen
needs a wooden ombre spoon
and every wooden ombre spoon 
needs a hipster...

Pictured in order of appearance:

8. Ombre Wooden Spaghetti Server in Purple

all images courtesy of o Me and o MY

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