Snapping Paper Towel Set

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Do you hate spending
your money 
on stupid stuff?
Stuff like-
trash bags
paper towels...
Boring stuff that we
really just wish we didn't need-
ami right?
chances are
as long as you are a mom,
you will need stuff like 
garbage bags
paper towels
and if you aren't a mom yet,
then believe me,
one day you when you do have kids
you will think to yourself
was there ever a time
in my life
when I wasn't buying
boring stuff like
garbage bags 
paper towels???

These won't solve 
all the worlds problems
but they will solve that one.
at least one of those...
Never buy paper towel again 
but still have the eaze of the roll.

it's too late to purchase a set
in time for Christmas
but you can order a gift card
for that special tree hugger in your life.
These are pretty popular 
so plan on 6-8 weeks before your order ships.

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