How To Make Your Own Anthropologie Inspired Wire Owl...

I don't think 
it comes as any surprise
that I love me an owl.
I have owl rugs,
and owl pillows.
I have made an owl 
or two.
I don't know what it is
but they are just so stinkin' cute
I cannot resist their 
wide eye charms.

So when the new Anthropologie magazine 
came in the mail
last week
and I saw this picture.

I thought to myself-
"self, you could do that."
and so friends,
I did.
And it only took one 45 minute nap time
to get this easy, peasy project done.
And the more you think 
you are messing it up
the better you
are actually doing.
Don't you love a craft like that?
Here is a side by side comparison in
case you are doubting 
your ability to accomplish this project-

to make your own 
Hooters Girl
you will need:

Wire Cutters
or old scissorsfor cutting wire

Thin wire: I used floral wire because that is what I had on hand but if I had bought some I would have preferred something in a metallic tone and not green.  If floral wire is all you have then you can paint yours after you are done like I am going to.

A picture of the  Anthropologie owl: to give you a little guidance as you piece yours together.

2 Buttons with 4 Holes: for the eyes

I started with the eyes and worked my way out from there.
There is no right or wrong way to make your owl.
The more quirks it has, the better I think
Just start bending the wire
and let your inner creative goddess
come out.

Good luck and make sure if you make any Hooters to share pictures with me!
I am using mine as a tree topper right now
but I have a feeling
that she is going to stick around
long after the Christmas stuff comes down.
Cause like I said-
I love me an owl...

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