How I decorated for Christmas : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas...

This is how our home is looking this holiday season.
I was going for a Scandinavian kind of vibe.
I used a lot of red, blue, and white...
sounds kind of 4th of July but I don't think it comes across that way 
but you can decide for yourself...

I thought it would be fun to show your our house 
for all of you to share with me {in the comment section Or
on facebook} pictures of your own home this Christmas...

Show me some link love!!!


  1. Hi! Just found your blog and love it. Just awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award... http://www.sweetsewnstitches.com/2012/01/im-backwith-major-award.html

    Congrats and enjoy!


  2. I realize we're no where near Christmas, but I just stumbled upon your blog and found this post. I love your Christmas decor! But what caught my eye, specifically, were the little stuffed reindeer on top of your chair. I have the same one on the left (the girl). My father gave it to me when I was six. It's really special to me and was such a trip to see someone else had one!

  3. Those reindeer are my most favorite Christmas decoration! They belonged to my grandmother and she always had them out at Christmas since before I could remember! Neat that they are meaningful to someone else as well : ) only in the blog world!


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