A 906 Christmas {10 days late}...

I'm back!!!
Sorry for the quiet around this place
WE HAD 10 Christmases!!!!!!!
And there is some recovery time needed after all that festivity

What"s that?

You don't believe me that we had 10 different Christmases?

Oh well I will give you the run down of it all in case you can't wrap your mind around that
{it took me about 4 years to realize this was in fact my reality- usually resulting in my crying and trying to pull my hair out sometime around 2:30 in the morning on Christmas Eve as I realize I have 12 more presents to wrap}

Christmas 1-  Our Christmas with just my immediate family- we did this on the 18th for my sanity and to include my littlest sister Mo who was going on an 8 day cruise for Christmas...

Christmas 2- Christmas at my Grandma's house on Christmas Eve starting at 12:30 with my mom's side of the family

Christmas 3-  Ryan's Grandma W. also on Christmas Eve from 5- 7:30 with Ryan's mom side of the family

Christmas 4-  Ryan's Opa's the last celebration of Christmas Eve from 7:30 to about 10:30 

Then we go home and prepare for the next day this year I was in bed by 1 which is the earliest I have ever been to bed on Christmas Eve since me and Ryan started living together.  Only a couple of presents to wrap in the morning which would have been a piece of cake except...

Our alarm didn't go off!!!  So Ryan helped me wrap presents like a mad man, half asleep, and one little tiny fight later we were out the door in sweatpants and baseball hats {sometimes something has to give and this year it was showering on Christmas}

Christmas 5- Ryan's dad's on Christmas morning around 10 to 12 

Christmas 6- Ryan's mom's Christmas morning from 12- 1:30ish 

Christmas 7- My dad's side of the family Christmas from 2- 5

Christmas 8- Ryan's dad's side family Christmas 5-9

Then Christmas is over right?!?


Christmas 9- Ryan's Oma on the Thursday after Christmas

Christmas 10- We drive up to Chicago to see Ryan's Grandpa who lives outside the city for New Years Eve weekend...

That's not even including some other visits that were made to see family members from out of town just cause.
It's a pretty hectic time
and I am wiped out.

We are extremely blessed to have to many people who love and want to see us and SPOIL US ROTTEN!!!  Ryan is completely blissed out during all of this and I am learning to slowly let go of my expectations of the holidays and just sit back and enjoy the ride.  

 I will say that this was the smoothest year to date and me and Ryan even got to have our own little Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve which we had never done before! {this was the first year Ryan actually wrapped my presents!}  Ryan kept telling me what a good job I was doing and how proud he was of me.  I was prepared this year.  I didn't take on too many projects and put to much pressure on myself.  I also didn't have cramps so bad that I was puking so that always helps.

I don't have pictures and it has taken me about a week and half to recover
BUT my house is back in order thanks to my awesome husband who is clearly nesting...

I will be back full force this week with:

Resolutions and goals
A deep thoughts and belly shot
And a little surprise announcement!!!

How many Christmas celebrations do you have???  How do you get it all done? 

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