Mason jar snow globes : A DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas

Don't these bring out those it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas feelings in you?  I was in love from hello with these when I saw them at Anthro.  I was all prepared to do Martha Stewarts tutorial  but then my friend Bethany over at Rinse. Repeat. posted a way easier version.  

So I was all about that since I don't know where the heck to get glycerin and the people at Hobby Lobby didn't even know where fake snow was.  So I kind of have feeling they would have a hard time telling me where to find glycerin.

This is a seriously easy craft and you will be whipping these puppies out like bam, bam, BAM! I think I made like 15 in 20 minutes and they are so sweet looking.  I had tons of mason jars but now I am gonna have to restock my hoard once this holiday season is over.  It has taken quite a hit in the past week.  Ryan would be happy if he went down there and saw all my empty shelfs.

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