How to make a felt mushroom ornament : Day 3 DIY Anthropologie {style} Christmas......

You will need:

{two different colors of felt: one cut into circle and the other cut into a strip, thread and needle, embroidery floss, stuffing, smaller circle of cardboard, scissors, and glue gun}

Lets begin now...

Step One {take strip of felt and roll tightly, sew basic stitch up the side to secure}

Step Two {take embroidery floss and stitch around the edge of felt circle}

Step Three {place stuffing into center of circle and pull slightly to tighten, take cardboard piece and put over stuffing and pull the embroidery floss tight and knot, cut excess floss}

Step Four {put a dab of hot glue in the center of top of mushroom and glue together}

Step Five {take extra embroidery floss and needle through center of mushroom, pull through, remove needle, and tie knot}

Step Six {hang from tree while watching a Christmas movie or listening to Christmasy music and drinking hot cocoa}


  1. I simply adore this! Going to make a bunch to give out and to decorate! Thank you for sharing <3

  2. They are so easy to make and when me and my husband were at IKEA a few weeks ago they had them in a display as decorations on packages.

    My husband was like "those are your mushrooms!!!" lol he gets pretty excited when he sees one of my ideas actually being used outside of our home. Makes him feel more confident in my abilities : )


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