a little weekend of weddings

We had two weddings to hit this weekend The first was a nice intimate affair at the Senator's Inn and Pub. Such a nice cozy place- perfect for two joining families just getting to know each other. Frank Sinatra played softly in the background and sipping champagne it was the perfect way to catch up with Ryan's mom and stepdad and his family from out of town. {including but not limited to his grandpa and grandma from Oklahoma, his Aunt Kelly and her daughter Cori, and son Nolan- so cute! and his sisters Dani and Allie-we had a good crowd!}

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to meet my grandma, Ryan's Oma, and his Stepmom Di. We all hit the road to Bloomington Illinois. Our destination? Von Maur. I had never been but I really enjoyed it. It's just a department store but it has such a great selection of very nice quality stuff. We had a blast picking out dresses and were very successful- everyone one found something, Di and Ryan's Oma found their dresses, my grandma found a beautiful top, and I found my shoes!

My grandma bought my shoes as a wedding present and I was so happy she did. It was definietly meant more then something I registered for. They are so pretty and I love that the flowers on the shoes will mimic the flowers on my dress.

We also had a wedding Saturday night. I don't have any pictures because we were having way to much fun seeing all of our friends we don't see very often! It was in Ryan's hometown which is where we are getting married so it was also exciting seeing where our wedding is going to take place. Got both of us are getting really excited for September!

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