wedding cakes

A sweet treat for the eyes! I am a big believer that the cake should taste as good as it looks- otherwise it just doesn't seem authentic. I am going to attempt to make my wedding cake. Risky I know but I have done some homework. I found a cake that is simple. It's a Martha Stewart inspired creation AND someone else made it for their wedding-so it has been done! That's what I love about the blog world. I feel more confident that I can do it because she did. Blogging is such a great way to exchange information. Since I have found blogs I haven't needed to spend money on costly wedding magazines. I can put that money to use in the actual wedding instead of paying for inspiration!

So here you go - some free inspiration!


  1. Thats awesome you are making your wedding cake! If you need advice or if you dont end up doing that, my mother in law makes cakes on the side and she is very good! Also not that expensive. :) Just a thought! She made all the cakes for my wedding reception, it looked amazing. I had one on each table plus a grooms cake (life size guitar Dan helped make) and my cake which was Louis Vuitton luggage stacked up. Plus a couple sheets cakes.. haha I took full advantage of her! :) http://www.madelines-gallery.com/

  2. This cakes was both beautiful and absolutely delicious! I would recommend Liza to anyone for a Wedding Cakes,Thank you so much for creating a beautiful and delicious cake


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