The Engagement Session {part 2}

We had BEAUTIFUL weather for our second engagement session! No rain on this parade! And with the extra time, I even had a chance to tweak some things. Like my dress- which I got from a second hand store for $13. It looks like it is from the racks of a chic vintage store! I absolutely love it. I actually bought it for my bachelorette party and loved it so much I used the look for our engagement pics.

I also love, love, love Ryan's look. It's a little vintage but it's also modern. He wore the same outfit on our honeymoon. We got some good pictures of it at the flea markets in Paris. I hope you enjoy the pictures! If you are interested in contacting the photographer just shoot me and email! I can get you his contact information.

Brad Hart Photography was amazing and by far the best decision I made when planning our wedding. He and his wife Katie are the perfect husband and wife team. They were both awesome and very super to work with. They work together so well! Katie knows when to help Brad and when to just step back and let him do his creative thing! You should totally check out their blog. I highly recommend it.

I also plan on having more posts on styling your wedding and engagement pictures-so if you have questions or would like help with your own leave a comment or send me an email at eastchic906 at yahoo.! I would love to help and I offer my services totally free! Don't you just love a good bargain?

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  1. Ohmigod color me so jealous. Cutest engagement session EVER.


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