my favorite mondays

hobbit inspired structure photo via flickr

Since I started working from home
Mondays have gone from my least favorite day
to the best day of the week.

I love me a Monday.
Mondays around here are:
catch-up days.
I love and cherish the freedom 
to pace my own days.

So in honor of my new favorite day of the week
I give you
my favorite mondays
a weekly post of things that have inspired me lately.

So grab a cup of jo,
chant " Mondays are not so bad"
and take a look at this stuff
to make your Monday
a little more merry and bright.

This floral garland really has me jonesin' for our house to sell- so I can throw a house warming party and make one of course...

This amazing story of a girl with autism and her parents who prove that we should NEVER give up on our children...

Love this twisted t-shirt headband and finding myself wanting to rock a headscarf with confidence like Bridget does...

I was inspired by Anne Hathaway to cut 8 inches of my hair- pictures coming soon : )

Saturday we went to checked out some houses and man oh man,
I fell in love with a hobbit style house.
It's not our top choice but
 it is pretty high up on the list.
Can I be totally honest with you?
I want to keep it.
{said like Phoebe from Friends when she tells Rachel she secretly wants to keep one of the triplets}
I love it.
I have decorated,
moved rooms around,
and have a list of projects going already.
It feels like mine.
I saw summers,
and twinkly lights in the backyard.
Twinkly lights = Home
to me at least.

there is another house
ahead of it in line-
maybe 2 ahead of it.
It is better for us long term.
I am reasonable.
But secretly???
I hope those houses that are better sell-
so I can decorate a hobbit house...


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