5 easy flowers to use for beginner gardener...

here is something
you probably didn't know about me-
i use to moonlight as a landscaper.
jack of all trade
ladies and gentlemen.
i was a personal assistant 
for a super wealthy lady
who had a minor obsession 
with buying $300-400 worth of flowers
every couple days.

i got to learn a lot about gardening
and got paid to do it.
i really did enjoy it.
there is something extremely satisfying 
about planting and tending to a garden.
except i hate being hot,
so i like to do my work in the morning or evening
otherwise it becomes a chore
and not free zen therapy.

this year i am going with all purple flowers.
i like to use just one color when I garden. 
i feel like this helps give a cohesive look
and has a really high visual impact.
 this year our little grey house
was saying
"i need me some purple up in here!"

so i gave the house what it wanted.
{secretly hoping that maybe it would give me what I wanted-
a dishwasher-
but sadly it did not return the favor}
our house is kind of a cottage-esque
so i went with cottage garden flowers.

here is what will be blooming at 906 this summer:

these are easy, peasy, can't mess them up lemon squeezy. they grow like weeds, they flower for a loooong time, and you can forget to water them  and they won't die too fast which can be a good thing for beginners.

purple petunias: image source

these shade loving babies are great to do in clumps of 3-5, along borders, or even in container gardens.
they are cheap, easy to care, and look fantastic as they grow in, especially if you give them a little extra lovin' with some miracle grow.

variety of impatiens: image source

these purple beauties will give you some great height, color, and do good in dry soil.  they attract humming birds and again {do you see a theme here?} low maintenance.

purple salvia: image course

i love these cottage garden flowers because of their spill factor and ability to look like a mound of flowers which is essential to any cottage garden.

emerald blue creeping phlox: image source

while these are not purple-they are your best filler friends when it comes to low maintenance gardening.  you plant them, you water them, they grow, and in a couple of years you divide them into 3 more plants- for FREE.

hostas: image source

so throw on some gloves and get in the dirt.  it's spring ya'll and it's time to be outside. plus if you wanna sell your house and want some easy curb appeal-
landscaping is where it's at...

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