Thank you cards and crazy DIY projects

My thank you cards are almost done for shower number one! All I need is the addresses. Shower number 2 is this weekend and I am so excited! My sisters and Ryan's sisters are doing a Paris theme. So fun! Plus my mom got all my favorite goodies to eat. Bread, cheese, what else could a girl need? All I need to do is decide what to wear.

Also, how great is this polariod camera? This is my grandpa's and although it was too expensive to buy film for the old vintage cameras, we are still going to display them next to the photo booth. I am going to be wrapping up the photo booth project very soon. The entire sheet of plywood is done- completely covered in tiny punched out flowers and other various materials. My mom came over yesterday and help finish it up. What a project! I told my mom everyone thought I was crazy for doing this project but I did it! She told me that didn't make me any less crazy for doing it! It will be in tomorrow's post!

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