The ring around my rosie: A post about pregnancy weight...

I have always been very lucky with my weight.  I have a small frame and a fast metabolism.  The only time I ever had any significant weight gain was the year I worked at The Olive Garden.  What can I say? Sista like a breadstick.

Then when I was pregnant I went all Kate Hudson and became the fat, jolly pregnant woman.  I was like Santa but with better sweats.  When I was pregnant clothes didn't matter cause everything looks cute with a baby belly.

Now...well...now I have a whole new relationship with clothing.  Pregnancy just changes you.  I don't mean to scare any of you who haven't had babies yet but I am just being honest.  It gives you glorious C cup breasts and then just takes them back again. All you are left with is your old, flat chest and a butt you barely recognize.  I use to wonder why I couldn't "shake my booty" and I now realize it was because I had no booty to shake.  Thank you pregnancy for fixing that for me.

Now don't get me wrong I am certainly not complaining about being fat.  I know I am am very luck to lose as much weight as I have and blah, blah, blah but...something is different.  My body, my hormones, my larger derriere, basically my whole life, it's all different.  So now I have to figure out how to dress for this new life and body without feeling weird or blue about my outfit.

A mom uniform, if you will.  So for summer I am going with the KISS motto:
keep it simple stupid*
I'm thinking long, flowy skirts, sandals, and possibly a floppy hat? I'm dubbing this style
 The Preppy Hippie
it's Gap meets Forever 21

Here is some inspiration I have floating around in my head.  Of course to actually buy any of it I'm gonna have to make some money but I will think about that later.  Right now it's just me and pinterest.  Cause pinning clothes is way more fun then actually trying something on.

*I couldn't believe my luck when I wondered onto Gap.com I discovered their summer motto was also keep it simple!  Does this mean I am on the right track?

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