So am I cougar now?...

So yesterday I was watching Live with Kelly and who happens to be a guest that morning???

Zac Efron.




I said to Charlie-

"Our boyfriend is on T.V.!"

Ryan ignores us girls as he makes his morning coffee.

But who is with me?

Zac Efron had me from High School Musical

Yummy, yummy, yummy...

I don't care that I am the older woman in our relationship

Zac Efron's chiseled jawline and sexy stubble  is enough to make me throw cation to the wind and do something crazy...

I guess what I am trying to say is I wanna see The Lucky One

Who's with me??????

Maybe I am just a sucker for a good Nicolas Sparks story line

but somehow I don't feel like I am alone in that...

So go see The Lucky One - have some milkduds and popcorn and let me know how it is


I have 7 week old and will probably never see another movie again with out some kind of princess or large purple dinosaur


guess I'll just keep watching the trailer and pretending it is just as good as seeing the actual movie

or maybe I'll be that lady that brings the 7 week old to the movie

just kidding


But I did say that Zac Efron makes me feel like doing something crazy...

***If you are feeling particularly sorry for Ryan after this post- don't.  He also has a girlfriend.  Her name is Kate and she is the future Queen of England.***

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  1. Oh gosh! I love Zac Efron! Just the other day I was thinking, man I need to watch High School Musical. ba ha ha. You'd probably hate me for saying this but I got to meet zac. :) I was an extra in high school musical 3. SOOOOOOOO FUN!!! and yes. He is just as good looking in person as he is on screen. :) and I too, REALLY want to see the lucky one. :)


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