I want a summer house...

I bet you had no idea we were that fancy huh?
we're not.
But a girl can dream, right?

Daydream with me...

All I want is a little place
where we can just get away for the weekend
My favorite memories
from when I was little
are going camping with my family

Camping- It's genius!  Cheap and fun- let's go with this idea...

My Grandma turned camping into an art
It was all about the food and lodging
Her camper was always clean- down to the last nook and cranny
and the food- oh the food!
I would love for Charlie to grow up with memories like I had
Hanging out with all of her family
laughing around a fire
eating yummy food
catching lightening bugs and riding bikes till it was so dark
and she is so tired she can't go on

But I am not about to "rough it"
I want glamping if you will
Sounds ridiculous in theory
who doesn't want a good thread count and AC when you experience the great outdoors???
Who has two thumbs and princess and the pea syndrome?  This girl.  
I'm delicate and I need a good nights sleep
and nothing scares me more then the thought of sleeping in a tent
waking up hot and damp at the crack of dawn
no thank you

I need a toilet that flushes
and a shower that has no spiders
I need comfy cozy bed
and a functioning kitchen
I guess you could say I need a Bed and Breakfast on wheels

So I am gonna make that happen.
How? You ask.  
I thought you would never ask.
It's very simple really
I am going to buy an old camper
and then I am gonna turn it into something like this...

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  1. well when that happens I want to go glamping to


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