Revolution on NBC...

I am a huge nerd.
I have no problem saying that.
I cannot wait for The Hobbit to come out in December.
I watch the SyFy Channel.
I am a big believer in conspiracy theories 
{you don't even want to know my opinion of the lunar landing or space in general}
What I am saying is...
I like thinking about the "what ifs" in life.
There is so much we don't know,
so many mysteries in the world
and that excites me. 

I have been lost with out Lost.
That was my show.
I looked forward to it all week.
I loved the suspension,
the 6 degrees of separation,
the intrigue of it all.
In a nut shell
I was semi obsessed and even believed for a long time
that Alias was somehow connected to Lost.
So I was super pumped when a new JJ Abrams produced show was coming this fall.
I already love Fringe
and this new show,
seemed right up my alley.
I was correct.

The premise is that the world has suffered a giant blackout of all electoral sources.  Cars, computers, all modern convinces shut down in one massive swoop leaving the world in chaos.
The show begins 15 years after the blackout and is the story of a young girl named....wait for it....

Charlie is 18 and in living in what use to be a subdivision that now looks more like the first settlers colony.  Corn grows in back yards and school takes place in an open air classroom, taught by a use to be techie.  In the opening episode he is explaining the concept of the technology to kids- kids who have never seen a working smart phone, ipad, mp3 player.

I am not going to do a full recap of the first episode but the moral of the story is this.
Charlie's dad dies but not before passing a necklace with some sort of pendant on it to the Techie- it's obvious that he knows something about the blackout.  Her dad, not the Techie.
Her younger brother, Danny, tries to save him and is captured by M 
and Charlie travels to Chicago to find her Uncle Miles.
They plan on saving her brother.

So if you liked Lost, or Syfy, or post apocalyptic shows with action and adventure.  Then watch it along with me.  
10/9 c

Revolution Episode 2

There are just my thoughts and opinions
that I note as I watch the show-
you may agree,
you may disagree,
leave a comment
and lets talk about it!
I am always up for discussion 

::::: Miles needs to stop acting so similar to Sawyer from Lost.  The devil may care attitude and cheeky banter while it was good stuff on Lost, it's time for new characters.  I hope his story takes him far away from any Sawyer similarities and that he become more Miles to me.

::::: All I can think when they flash back to Charlie's mom is that Juliet {from Lost} is Charlie's mom.  I'm all how did you get off the island Juliet and then I have to remind myself she is someone else.  JJ while I love your loyalty to your talented cast members- sometimes it's hard to see an actor as another character in a show with such a similar essence to it...I'm just saying.

::::: I LOVE that they named the main character Charlie! : )  had to say it..

:::::  I love the little elements of Steampunk style.  This is a style I love and find interesting.  Not how I choose to dress but I see the appeal.  It is such a unique blend of styles and textures.

::::: Charlie not listening to Miles and chasing after him is once again making me think of Lost...Wasn't Kate always chasing after Sawyer?  I mean I know this is a uncle/niece relationship but still  call me crazy but I see a pattern here.  If Terry O'Quinn shows up coming out of a hatch in a coming episode I will not be surprised....again just sayin'.

::::: Charlie even has the Katedoesn'tmyhairmakeyoujealous thing going on. 

::::: Who is this techie, Aaron?  I feel like he is going to be important- didn't he mention something about being a founder of Google?  Can you image life with out Google?  This whole post would not be possible without it.  

::::: Love how the beginning of the story is taking place right here in the Midwest.  I love seeing the ageing and decaying world.  There is something so beautiful about an abandoned place.  I don't know what it is but I have always loved them.  Old houses, factories, barns, the age and weathered looked just makes it magical I think. I always wonder- what happened there?  Can you imagine walking past a grown over and abandoned Wriggly Field, what would that feel like?  To see a baseball field but to not know what it was like to watch a baseball game.  All those little things we take for granted.  Ice cream, pop, all gone.

::::: I never thought about what happened to all the people traveling during the blackout.  Can you image being in a foreign country on vacation or business and all of the electricity just stops working, with no way to ever get back to your family?

::::: Who is this Grace in Illinois????? and how does she have Internet??? oh the questions are already starting to pile up.  Was the blackout caused by man?  Are there a group of people behind this?  What does Charlie's dad know?  

:::::  The Monroe Militia:  here is what I think so far- not good and perhaps hiding behind the idea of religion to promote their own motives.

::::: WOW! I like that it is Charlie's mom that shoots the man to save her children! I feel like so often fathers are portrayed as the protectors but us mamas can be fierce if you mess with our babies.  Go girl power!  Charlie has a lot of mom in her I think.  I am happy to see that Juliet, er Rachel, errr Charlie's mom, is still alive although unbeknownst to her daughter.  And why does Sebastian Monroe have her prisoner but treat her so well.  Old flame?  Love gone bad before her marriage to Charlie's dad?  Obviously Sebastian worked with Charlie's dad before the blackout.  Not for sure on that one but I am calling it.

Watch it next Monday and come back Tuesday for another post on Revolution on NBC!

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