How To Start An Etsy Store {Vol I}...

Here are a few things
that I have learned 
since starting an Etsy shop...

Take good pictures!  This is the difference between being noticed and falling into the abyss that can be Etsy.  You pictures should be in natural, bright sunny light.  

Use a neutral background for your pictures.  You don't want the background to compete with the item you are trying to sell.  This is not the time to use your phone and take a picture any random place in your home.  

Pick a sunny place in your home with a plain background.  I use a plain white sheet.  When all your  items have a similar background it gives your shop a cohesive feel. Thus making you seem ultra profesh. You want your shop to feel like a collection, not a yard sale where they have to dig around to really find a good deal.

Renew, renew, renew!  A couple days ago  I was all  "hows come one day I was getting hundreds of views and now I'm getting none???"  The best way to get noticed on Etsy is to be on the recently posted page.  Although there is a small cost to renew {$0.20} the sales I get from it are well worth it.

I give myself a daily budget of $2.00 to invest in renewing listings.  This keeps fresh views coming in.  Think of peak times such as 7-10 pm, a SUPER popular time for perusing Etsy.   Don't forget  about your overseas customer base you will want to renew at other times too so that you are including all your potential customers.


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